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  1. Greetings ponyholics!
    So I'm considering a new Steeda intake and SCT tuner for my 5.0. I see Brothers Performance is trying to put together a group buy for us to get us a deal on the latest SCT X4 tuners http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/sct-x4-tuners-in-stock-special-group-purchase.878375/ . With all the talk or the amazing gains a tuner provides I can't see how anyone could possibly drive a pony without being tuned and this group buy sounds like the perfect gift horse that I don't want to pass on. But before I bite I'd appreciate some insight.

    My first and biggest question is, will using this void my warranty with Ford? I paid an extra $1,700 for a 6yr ESP plan and would slit my wrists if I had something go wrong and Ford voided my warranty due to an ecu modification.

    Who out there has this setup with an SCT and Steeda combo? Yes I've done some searches and read several reviews, but the more info the better and I'd appreciate any feedback. The Steeda appears to be the best setup with it's bigger tube and the filter appears to be an amsoil type that's easily replaceable and of course their huge power gain claims sound so exciting.

  2. It won't automatically void your warranty ... you should read the Magnusson - Moss Warranty Act.

    In short, just because you add a part to your car ... it doesn't automatically void your warranty. The part would have to cause a failure to the vehicle & an investigation would have to ensue. The OEM would have to conclude, at the end of their investigation, that indeed the part did cause the failure & then they would be able to void your warranty ... but not the entire warranty. For example, aftermarket rims won't void other aspects of your warranty.

    Here is an article that we did on the CAI:


    You can email me at [email protected] if you have any additional questions I can help answer after other members weight in.

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  3. I run the Steeda combo and tune on my car. First, it's a blast to drive. I drive around with the 93 octane all the time and throttle response is picked up all around. It feels like a more eager engine, not to mention its plain faster than a stock Mustang. Steeda also has a tune for life program like most, so each time you add a bolt-on they can refresh your tune to get the most out of it.

    To your point on warranty, TJ is right. To void the warranty, an investigation would have to find the CAI or your tune to be the causal part of the failure. Ford has a TSB out for our cars to the dealers instructing to check for aftermarket PCM calibrations if it comes in for warranty engine work. While the computer does keep a "thumbprint" of each time it is reflashed if you were to seriously investigate it, flashing back to stock prior to warranty work will not through a DTC from my experience (used to work at a dealer)

    I would check with the dealer you plan to bring the car to as to their thoughts prior to the tune. Some are cool about modifications, others, not so much. If you find your dealer is going to give you a hassle every time you come in for the upgrade, don't do it. (or find a nicer dealer! lol)
  4. I have a 2013 gt 5200 miles on it iv done roush axle backs an eibach pro kit barton sifter a staggered set of ace alloy convex.. I had the oil changed at the dealer I bought it from.. and asked the service manager about engine mods.. I too have a big warranty. he told me if I have them upgrade with ford motorcraft race parts im good.. he also told me if I do a cold air tune if the tune caused the problem its on me.. but if its not the tunes fault warrantee still is good
  5. Ford is going to tell you pound sand for 99% of any issues that pop up with your motor once tuned, so choose your tuner carefully and beat the brakes off your non stop and you'll be fine.......