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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bdawg, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. im gonna buy a tuner for my sons 92 gt 347 stroker , what should i buy and why? whats everybody using? thanks for any input
  2. quarterhorse from moates.net with Binary editor from EECanalyzer.com
  3. How come nobody asks the about the tuning experience of the OP before suggesting a tuning solution?

    For vristang... moates and EECanalyzer is prolly the way to go. For somone jsut starting out with tuning, Ugh.... swallow a gun barrel now and save yourself the aggravation. :D
  4. Experience is a funny thing...
    When I purchased my tweecer, I didn't have any experience tuning...
  5. I had two major problems with the TwEECer:

    I needed to get it tuned NOW and the more I researched, the more confused I got.

    The TwEECer forums are riddled with talk between folks who are already down with the lingo and caused me more aggrevation than help

    Even the, "Getting Started" threads were mind numbing.

    Wanna be a hero vristang? Do a youtube video for installing a TwEECer and setting up from scratch.
    Show all the other peripherals required (i.e. wideband).
    Show what's required for setting up larger injectors.
    Show how to get the xfer function and how to get it loaded
    Show how to setup basic functions and fuel tables for open and closed loop fuel and spark tables.

    You know... the basics to getting a car up an running that's been modded past the point of being able to run on the EEC by itself.

    These things caused me to pulled my FN hair out. It didn't seem like anything I tried made the slightest bit of difference.

    Definitely need a TwEECer video for Dummies (me). :D
  6. im definately a newb to tuning, want to get one i can learn the basic ideas but still get good results, looked at the tweecer, seems a little intimidating, but seems to have alot of satisfied users on forums
  7. What is the total cost of a quarter horse setup??
    Why do they charge so much money for the software license, it is very basic software!
  8. bdawg, I was new to tuning (EFI tuning that is) also. Moates QH with EEC's Binary Editor is not that hard to use or to get to know. If you do purchase it I have a bunch of articles and documents that I downloaded that will help out more than asking advice will. I can email them to you if you want. And there is a guy on the QH tech team that can email you a starter tune based on your mods which will get you pretty close. Tuning is a bit difficult but it's also fun...good luck!!
  9. There are years of development that have went into the Binary Editor software and Clint has to get paid for his time building this awesome software. If anybody has any questions about the Quarterhorse they can email me at [email protected]
  10. What?..............get paid for his time?...are you crazy?....Lol. ;-p...........I hear this ALL the time, "why do you charge so much? It "only" took you an hour! Yeah, only and hr. and 30 years of experience and a $5K plus scan tool and see that tool box with over $100K worth of tools, and oh yeah, how much have i spent out of my own pocket for school and training, let alone my own time to keep up with changing technologies, ............yeah, let me do it for free for ya cause it is so easy even a cave man can do it.