tuners in central/south/north CA?

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  1. Those are awfully strong accusations to make without giving any proof.
  2. Trust me...

    At the time of my original post, I said nothing about a motor blowing up, but since then the President of the California Mustang club DID have his motor blow up after SF tuning. Why don't you ask him via email Ca-Mustangs.com I have better things to do than slam someone for no reason. Facts are facts.... why don't you click on the link below to see the proof. That as well as the rest of my statement is true, and if you have a friend who had a car tuned there... just wait and you will have a window in your motor too.
    You wouldn't agree that being over a year delinquent with your BAR license that is required by law to work on cars, shows his lack of credability to start with, let alone his knowledge or credentials to properly tune a computer controlled vehicle? More to come, my proof will soon be clear enough for Helen Keller to see, and as this story unfolds I will update this post. And you might want to recheck the BAR site in a few weeks, because there will be an entry under Disciplinary Actions SOON!

    *NOTE* please notice the date his license verification data was updated on the BAR site as being current!

    BAR License verification
  3. Don't take things the wrong way. I am sure you understand how crap gets thrown around on the internet. Please keep us all updated. I would hate to see anybody's Mustang blow up, especially mine. I was considering letting Ravi work on my car.
  4. I live in northern california and i drove all the to San Diego to have my car tuned at JBA racing they are lined up to tune the shelby super snake if buyers want to produce more power. The guys there are very smart and the price is honest check out there site they have some dyno info on it. www.jbaracing.com
  5. angrydrunkrdnek.
    No disciplinary actions yet. What's the deal? While I agree that having a deliqeunt B.A.R. liscense is suspect, I also find it supect that you joined this board only to warn us all about Speed Freaks. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the fact that their license is delinquent just mean that they haven't filled out some paper work and paid the proper fees, not that B.A.R. has taken any action.
  6. Call up method motor works fresno. I used to know the guy who owned it, really cool guy but don't know much about them anymore (5 years ago). i know they do dyno tuning for sure though.
  7. Of course I joined to warn you about Ravi...

    First of all, what the hell kind of a name is Ravi, and secondly... thats what people who care and don't want to see a fellow hot rodder take it in the chute. I could care less about Ravi, my point is let him work on your car and it will equate to :dead:, but be sure you have a trailer cause sooner or later you will need it. He gets the extra HP on the dyno by tricking the injectors into batch firing (or twice per event) which has no affect on power other than rinsing down your cylinders, and cooling the combustion temp artificially. Do yourself a favor and search the nor cal mustang sites... EVERY one of them has a post warning people about letting a 24 year old with no experience or talent tune a PCM. 8 hours to fine tune ANYTHING is rediculas, nothing is that screwed up except for the cars he tunes :stick:. Several other tuners in the bay area won't even do a pull with a Ravi tune... for fear of getting fragged and based on his past history. By the way, a expired BAR license means you can not legally work on cars and charge for it in the state of Ca... I'm sure BAR has bigger fish to fry and thats why he has skated this long. Go for it, then report back on how long your hoopty lived :shrug:. PS... I can speak on this issue as I am a 20 year Ford Master Tech in computer engine management. You can she-it the fans.... well, you know.