Tunes: Alternative Auto, Bamachips, Brenspeed?

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  1. Ok, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting an XCal2, and I just need to figure out where I'm gonna get it from now. Scrming loves Lidio at Alternative Auto. I've heard a few people say good things about Bamachips. And, I saw one person mention Brenspeed. Who should I go with? Brenspeed is $20 cheaper, but I've heard less about them. Who has the better tunes? I want the better response, and more HP, and everything that comes without having the rev limiter and stuff on there, but I also am interested in better mileage. Who's tunes offer the best mix? I'm not going to be doing any racing, or taking the car to the track testing my times or anything. So my 1/4 mile time isn't the most important thing to me.
  2. I'm really happy with Bamachips. Doug is pretty cool and will do minor adjustments to your tune after you buy from him if you upgrade later on. He's been really helpful through email and seems to want to take care of his customers. He gave me a $35 discount after I ordered my tuner! Who else would do that? He's got my vote. :flag:
  3. Jimp, how's your car responded to his tunes? performance wise, and gas mileage?

    I don't think I'll be doing any other mods, not for awhile, except maybe a new muffler, but that doesn't require a new tune.
  4. I have brenspeed, definately better response, feel the extra power for sure. My gas mileage has gone up considerabley (and i was already getting good mileage). I did a 70/30 mix of highway/city driving and i got 29.84mpg on my 91 tune.
    And i would have gone with bamachips, because i heard great things about doug, but when it came time for me to order he was away. I definately think he's top dog with the 4.0 though because he has tons of experience. But lidio seems to be good too. And im happy with mine from brenspeed (got my car to 5900rpm in 4th gear last night, anyone do the math on how fast that is?, bout a 2% downgrade).
  5. Well I did the Magnaflow muffler, Steeda CAI and tune all at the same time. It made a huge difference. Stock definitely sucks. My gas mileage is not good but I think it has to do more with how I drive than the tune.
  6. Ok.. I got to put my 2 cents in... Lidio is the man in my book! I bet you didn't expect me to say that did you? LOL! To a quick google on Lidio and Altenative and see how many hits you get.. Lidio has been building fast Mustangs for a long time... He is also one of the few shops that are really excited about the new V6. I originally started out with an X-Cal2 from Justin at VPM (or VMP?) Lidio's 89 Octane tune shave .25 off my 0-60 time vs Justin's 91 Octane tune! Justin's was good... Lidio's is simply just better... more complete...
  7. scrming, well all know he is good, if not the best, but you cant compare a canned tune to a dyno tune :)
    i think its time u went for the 100 octane tune with ur 175 shot lol. Give us an 11.99 run and make us all proud.

    in all seriousness, nothing beats a good dyno tune, and if you are in scrmings situation, you cant just run a canned tune, not very safe.

    Im hoping my K&N intake gets here before friday night, so i can have it installed when i go to the track, to see if it helps out any.
  8. Actually that's where you are mistaken... that was Lidio's can tuned... no dyno involved! LOL!

    Trust me... I've been seriously thinking about moving to the 125s.... I've got one last chance this weekend for the track... LOL!
  9. Heh, I knew scrming would be in here. I think I've seen you on 3 or 4 message boards now, gushing about Lidio. I've read all the great things his tune has done for your car. But, I also know you don't really care much about the gas mileage either hehe. Unfortunately, I'm poor, so I have to, to some extent, worry about my gas mileage with the prices like they are (coming down thankfully). So, I want a good mixture of performance and better gas mileage. I don't want to sacrifice too much gas mileage for peformance. And I don't want all gas mileage at the cost of performance. I want the best balance. I'm not sure there's going to be much difference between the tunes, but I'd like to get the best one for my needs. I'll probably be sticking to 87 octane, maybe 89. I think $.20/gal for 91 might be too steep for me.
  10. I know lidio offers both 87 and 89 octane tunes... :D I think the like most of us you're gas milage will go down because your foot will magically get heavier after you load the tune in your car! LOL!
  11. Can't floor it when there is a car 5 feet in front of you hehe
  12. very true... luckily I escaped the rat race in Detroit in 1998... It's a busy morning if I see more than 3 cars on the way to work in the morning! LOL!
  13. BamaChips gives you 87, 89 and 93 octane tunes standard. I paid $365 for my SCT-2, I think he is charging $385 now. When SCT upgraded their software I sent mine back to him(at his request) and he upgraded the software and customized the shifts to my liking, all for free. One day soon hopefully I will make the trek to Alabama to get a dyno tune. Doug is the best!
  14. No, Lidio is the best! :chair:

    Hey, Jimp where do you live again? Maybe some day we can do a little grudge racing! LOL!

    Bottom line... stick with one of the well known guys... and if you happen to live by one of them go there... it's very handy to have a local place where you can get access to a dyno and some custom tuning if you ever need it...
  15. Jimp, where are you? How far would it be to Birmingham for you?
  16. My Doug can beat up your Lidio..... teehee
  17. Central Florida. :Damnit: When I get my rearend set up I will head to the track and we can compare numbers.
  18. :lol:
  19. Uh oh, I started something....

    Come on, only 3 people got tuners from these places?
  20. I got an X-calibrator 1 from the guys at brenspeed. Definately made a difference for me. I can't wait to get a dyno tune though... the tune i have right now is for 83 octane and just a CAI.