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  1. 2013 5.0 premium with 6sp auto,brembo brake pkg, 255/40/19. 3.15 rear gears. Flowmaster series 40 Axleback 13,000 miles. Took her out to the local track @ about 10,000 miles. Ran 13.4 @107. change the exhaust to the flowmasters, next time ran 13.01 @109.
    I am not planning on any more upgrades until warranty is out. So I am doing research on what I should do next.
    would like recommendations on cold air intake, tunes.and maybe new rear gears.
    Do not mean this as an insult but.... I am not a motorhead, so I need advice please
  2. I feel like a broken record haha but I went with Steeda CAI and their tune. Unbelievable to me (I'm not a motor head either but can turn a wrench) the difference in the car! Response was more crisp than my roush tuned 575 supercharger. Can't wait for warranty to be out and get a different tune!
    Gears? I had wanted 3.55's but ended up with 3.73's. Some complain first is too short and worthless but I use 2nd for most take offs anyway on a daily drive. 2nd will put you over 60mph so unless you're planning on a lot of racing over 65, you'll only make one shift anyway. Wish I could compare the two rears. You could always ask around, car clubs, dealers to see if you could try the two out.
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  4. Is that a brand name or just "fat fingers"?
  5. Interwebz terminology for MORE
  6. that sucks, one of our guys ran a 12.6 bone stock with less than 100 miles on his back in 2011

    what kinda 60' and 1/8th did u put down?
  7. I'm not allowed to mention my employer in posts like these, but I can say that I added a 93 octane tune to my 2011 5.0 and it added a noticeable about of power! I ran 12.20 @ 116 on regular street tires with a BBK CAI, tune, and X-pipe.
  8. I'd say your improvement was more due to more practice than the Flowmaster AB, especially since you cut some ET. Your mph is in synch with a stock auto 5.0. To see certain power gains with exhaust on this car, you need off-road H/X at least, or LT headers, and a tune for it.

    I'm broken record, too but, I'm on Procal with no other power mods and I'm 11 sec car on a slick at 115+. Full load premium car. Procal has warranty support like no other tune in the aftermarket, if that concerns you.