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  1. After being in the tuning community for several years both as a tuner and helping others get started, I've noticed that everyone new to tuning has the same hangups. ACCURATE information is hard to find, the software is oftentimes difficult to use even when you do have what you think are the right settings.

    For these reasons, I got together with some experienced guys in the tuning community and came up with tunexchange. tunexchange allows anyone to upload "templates" which contain specific settings that you can load directly into your tune such as injector settings, MAF, aggressive spark and fueling to name just a few. The templates work directly with BinaryEditor (which is a free download) to allow you to load and compare setting changes. Every template can be commented on so that you know what other people thought about the template.

    Please check out the site and video screencast to show you how it works. I'm looking forward to seeing the self-tuning community grow further! Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

    Site: http://tunexchange.mustang-tech.org
    Video Screencast: http://tunexchange.mustang-tech.org/index/welcome

    Special thanks goes out to Grady and JT for some bug testing and advice in getting this going!
  2. This is just as valuable to the Fox guys as it is for the sn95 guys...

    If you would like to see any templates added or to have templates modified, let it be known :nice:

    thanks for posting this in the tuning section, i never would have found it otherwise:hail2: :hail2:
  4. I'm a noob with all this, but it would be sweet if there were a little more support for the Diablo stuff on this site. I know it has way more potential than the factory issues it with. Seems like diablo is kinda protective of their software though. Maybe someone with more tuning expertise could chime in? Also, where exactally would I find the stock tune for a '93 Cobra? I think this tune might be a good place for me to start, as my setup is similar... Unless someone has already dialed in a tune for that setup? Thanks!!!
  5. Do you guys have a tune for a 1991? Just built a 331 race engine with about 10.5.0 comp, will be driving it on the street, and taking it to the track.
  6. where do I get this tuning divece for my laptop and what is brand name
  7. Site is no longer up , templates can still be found on eectuning.org