Tuning 06 V6 4.0 Mustang For Higher Altitude.

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  1. Hello everyone out here, I live in Albuquerque NM where the elevation is between 5000 & 5300 feet above sea level I own a 2006 v6 4.0 mustang that's modified with a k&n cai a flow-master series 40 dual exhaust system & I have a diablo sports predator model U-7140 tuner & I've read that you should advance the timing on a car & so I've advanced the timing on my car up to 10 degrees on the global spark adder & on the lower rpm range I advanced it up to 4% 2000 to 4000 rpm & 5% @ the 4000 to 7000 rpm & I went to diagnostics & chose live up-date & on the spark advance reading got a 30 to 34 degree reading while @ W O T & a base reading while idling between 15 degrees & 22 degrees & the reading would read higher when the cooling fan kicks on, any feed back would be great thanks!.
  2. Feedback item 1: you posted in the wrong forum. Lol

    Item2: No tuning is necessary for altitude on your car. The barometric sensor in your car is referenced during the startup sequence. The EEC knows what altitude you're at better than you do.

    If you were carbed, it would be a different story.

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  3. ok thanks for the feed back here!