tuning 88 mustang

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  1. hey hows it going new to this forum, i was wondering if it is possible but i was told that i can't tune my 91 cobra computer i was told i have to put a 96 computer on it to get it tuned is that true?
  2. There was no 91 Cobra. Aside from that, no, that is 100% untrue. One look in this particular subforum at pretty much any topic would give you the name of one or two different tuning devices that can be used on these cars. My recommendation, if you don't mind spending some time learning how to tune is the Moates Quarterhorse paired with EEC Analyzer.
  3. Most likely.... the shop you spoke to doesn't have the hardware to tune your car.
    Kinda lame that they would tell you to convert ecu's rather than get off their lazy ass and learn something new....
  4. would i be able to put a 95 5.0 computer in it no problem or no? with any modification
  5. Yes, you could put a 95 ecu in a 91...
    There are pinout changes that need to be made though, and it gets kinda involved.

    After all that work though, you would still have a STOCK ecu that needed to be tuned.
    Why not just tune the ecu you have now?

    The guys telling you to swap ecu's either don't want to help you (they are already busy), or they want to charge you for performing the conversion... big $$$

    Tune your current ecu... that is the smartest choice.

    You don't have a 91 Cobra ecu.
    Only 93 Cobras were different with respect to the ecu. Canada had a 'Cobra' available, but it was basically a badged Mustang.

    good luck,
  6. perfect thank you very much for your help appreciate it