Tuning/computer ?

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  1. Hi
    Been having trouble getting my '94 vert. tuned.
    1st needed a new MAF got a sct 3000

    2nd needed more fuel .. fuel pressure dropped during tune. new Glenns system

    This session the tuner commands more fuel and nothing changes?? Tuner can see maf voltage so he knows that much. Changed the MAF bad file to more fuel and got more fuel?? Tuner changed to a new maf and the same problem.

    The tuner is telling me that there is a bad wire ??? or something between the MAF and the computer


  2. Did the tuner datalog? If there was a bad wire I would think it would show up in the log. If he is seeing voltage at the maf...I would make sure the maf is wired correctly. If it is a 6 wire, remember we only have 4 were the right 4 hooked up?
  3. Hi
    He is using SCT and not much of a log.!! The car has been running fine up to this year then changed supercharger pulley and went to water/meth.
    Ran out of MAF first and changed from a sct 2400 to a SCT 3000. then fuel ran out and fixed that.
    I am really confused. Same wires on the MAF. We did splice a connector into the wires but we had this problem earlier. Going tomorrow evening to check the wires to the computer. :shrug: Will check the new adapter also.

    Edit: Tuner said it is in limp mode, but runs good for limp mode???
  4. Found a couple loose pins in the connector.,.. Now I need to get tuned!!