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  1. Your point is a good one, +1. In my case I didn't come out of my first tuning experience entirely unscathed either. I actually ran with a lean condition at cruise (bucking) long enough to damage my exhaust valves. Definitely slow & methodical changes, one at a time, and incrementally, backing them out if something seems off. I ignored it for too long.
  2. To add to that:

    I don't recommend anyone digital tune their ride without first installing a wide band AFR meter capable of data-logging. Add this as the first item to any list that involved the purchase of tuning equipment. It is arguably, the most important piece.
  3. well I run 91 and wanna get my timing up to 12-13? but I wanna do it through computer....also maybe a little better milage?
  4. wideband ordered
  5. I cant get the getting started working....I downloaded foxit and adobe acrobat...still says its missing...any idea whats wrong?
  6. Whats getting started? You looking for the pdf?
  7. I can email you a couple of tune files if you wanba poke around with them. You can do a compare files function that will list any parameters that were changed so you can learn a bit
  8. Ill send you some later today. Did you figure out and get the pdf on getting started?
  9. no wont work
  10. Ill send it as well
  11. thanks matt I have some reading to do....anything I should know about installing my wideband this weekend?i have a new bbk h pipe to install aswell....?
    thanks again
  12. You should have enough to keep you busy for a while...
  13. Which WB controller are you installing? My Zeitronix recommended by Lasota racing hasn't given me any issues for the past 10 years.
  14. im installing autometer.....only one I could get at the local parts shop I use....
    2xs the price as ones on internet....any tips on the install?
  16. I'm not aware that Autometer makes wide band kits. They make gauges.

    What specific wideband kit are you talking about? Post a link to it.
  17. agreed there, post alink. Not sure I think you got what you think you did I'm thinking....
  18. ah, your good then. Never realized Autometer had a complete seuplike that