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  1. Yesterday when I had a tune done the canp solenoid was unplugged and the tuner didnt know and he said there was a vac leak and apparently he was tuning around it. When I informed him the canp was unplugged he hooked it up and the car would hardly idle. So he plugged the hose and it ran fine and he called it a day. The reason I had it unplugged is I suspect it was bad and fumes were getting in the cabin w unhooked no fumes in cabin but out the rear. So my question is, am I screwed when it comes time for emissions? I'm also assuming if I go buy a new solenoid the car won't run right so for drive ability I have to have the hose plugged where its going into the intake mani?? So where does this leave me, smelly exhaust out the tails and not being able to pass emissions until I get a new tune? Man the guys I went to weren't very customer friendly n didn't want to answer questions, would hardly communicate...
  2. You may be in the area of a wild guess as to weither or not you can pass emissions with your new tune. Does the tuning shop offer a free or low cost re-tune for return visits winthin 30 days or some other figure? If you can get a free smog check without penality for failing it, do that now so that you have some idea of what needs to be done.

    It is alway important to dump the codes and check the state of the emissions equipment if your location has emissions testing. This is very important to do before you have a custom tune or any other sort of expensive work done by someone else.
  3. Well... I'll call em and ask bout a retune but they do offer "free" lifetime tunes but this free one ended up costing $200 for dyno time. Free tunes is kinda like saying I'll wash your car free for life but it'll cost you $100 for me to come out there.
  4. you wash my car free next? all i have to do is drive from NJ to TX??? Leaving now...
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  5. Had the same thing happen to me (not the same place)! 800 bucks for a tune with the promise of free tunes then they charge me 250 in dyno time -_- really guys.
  6. Yes, free for $100
  7. Yeah 4 yrs ago when I had to have a sct chip and tune due to cam it was $500 and some odd for tune and chip w promise of free tunes later. They charge $100 for dyno time but I guess there's no charge for the guy plugging in the computer... But anyway I got off the phone w em and they said I should pass emissions so we'll see in march
  8. Willie's tunes from dirtydirtyracing been free for me :D
  9. heck, i should go wash his car!
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  10. Ha damned ole Willie and his free tunes...
  11. Man.... I doubt I'm gonna pass... But since I can't run it any suggestions on how to make it less smelly?
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  12. go from 180* stat to 192* and a new Ect sensor did wonders for mine with no cats.
  13. Can I just make a statement? Ok, so no one answered fast engough, not I will.

    ANY Dyno shop that offers free tunes in trying to get you in the door and not just once. I would rather give free dyno time and charge for the tuning because it can be that involved. Just boggles my mind and I think it comes down to a matter of ethics almost. Forgive me for sounding greedy or what not but what kind of service can I offer you for free with a shop full of other paying customers?
  14. It's not so much the paying but the hustle in the wording.
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  15. Ps: didnt know you had a shop
  16. I understand exactly where you are coming from and the hustle is unethical if you ask me. I believe that a good service should be provided at a fair cost. Why isn't it just that simple?
    I don' personally own the shop, but do work in one. One of my best friends Kris is the owner of All Out Automotive in South Jersey.
  17. do y'all go all out?
  18. I think we make a fair effort lmao
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  19. Since this is your thread I don't mind hijacking it too much lol
    qhUaUEDW235.jpeg 8-Second-street-car-on-nitrous-1388615_image.jpg Twin-Supercharged-fuel-injected-big-block-69-camaro-1388614_image.jpg

    (Maroon and Silver 91GT is the one I just picked up)
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  20. I'm gonna open a shop- do our best motors
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