Tuning information for 92 5.0 turbo!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by shaye12, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. :shrug:Any one know a good a place i can get good information about tuning and installing a turbo in a 92 5.0. I install a turbo about a year ago and have never had it run right since then. I'm lost and thinking about taking everything off and starting over????? Thanks:mad:
  2. Your question is very open, where are you located... Any good shop with a dyno should be able to tune the car with little issues.

    Whats the set-up? Whats the issues?
  3. I have just move to Texas about 3 hours from Dallas. Any shops in this area that you would recommend? The engine is an all stock 302 with a single turbo set up putting out around 7 PSI. It has 36# injectors with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator set at 50 psi right now. I have also tried a FMU to see if it would run any better but I didn’t help. I put a 80mm (I believe) throttle body with a typhoon lower and upper intakes. The computer is stock with no chip with the timing set around 13 degrees. The only thing that I still need to do is change out the spark plug with a more turbo friendly plug. I know it needs to be put on a dyno and tuned it but I want to make sure I’m not missing something before I have it done. It has white smoke at idle but doesn’t smoke if I drive it and smells like fuel. Any Ideas????
  4. Any suggestion on what spark plug i should use?
  5. Are you running 13* base timing on pump gas? If so, you are asking for trouble with that much total timing at full boost (29*). Might be best if you are gonna run it without a tune to lock out the distributor at ~20-23* with 93 octane. It would be sluggish down low but should do you well at WOT.

    EECTuning.org can give you all the info you want about tuning.

    As far as plugs, you should be able to run an autolite 3923/24 depending on what thermostadt you are running. Rick91Gt has told me that NGK7173 will work better as they don't run as hot as the autolites. Gap on the plugs should be reduced to around .32-.35
  6. Being a stock head, I would use an Autolite 24 to start with, then go from there based on your tuner...the 7173 are a gasket style plug not made for your steel heads. Gap the plugs down to .035"

    Set your fuel pressure down to 36-38psi vac off, and if you have no way to pull timing I'd lock it as as suggested to 20-21 to be safe, right now you have way too much timing in it with out it being on a dyno. You really do not have a lot of adjustment with out having a tuner or a chip installed, you can mess with Fuel Pressure but that will only really change it at WOT. You have no way to pull timing out with out have a MSD BTM or the chip... Since you have nothing I would suggest a good tuner with a chip.

    Are you close to San Antonio check out MMSPowerhouse.com MIke is one of the best and been in the game a long time...He can dyno tune the car and put a chip in for ya.
  7. Thanks for the great information now i'll have a place to start at this weekend!
  8. I'm a little over 4 hours to San Antonio so i'm looking at shops in Dallas cuz it about a hour closer but i'll keep it in mine if i done find somthing!
  9. What size of a MAF sensor do you think i should be using?
  10. I assume your using a intercooler and a blow through style meter, the 3" protube from PMAS or Pro-M will work fine for your set-up. Ive made over 800HP through them...
  11. I'm not using a blow through style meter. I have the stock sensor with 73mm body and with a 36# metering tube.