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  1. So I hear that the maf must be calibrated to match injector size. Does one have to buy an aftermarket maf or can the stock 70mm or whatever it is on a 95 gt be "calibrated" via dyno tune?
  2. Typically you buy a MAF calibrated to match whatever size injectors you plan to use.
  3. If your not getting it tuned you need a maf that is calibrated to your injectors. If you are getting a tune it wont matter it will be taken care of in the tune.
  4. The 70mm 95 Mustang MAF will work with your stock 19's without a tune.

    If you are getting a dyno tune, with a programmed chip, then it does not matter what MAF you use... as long as you can get the car to the shop
  5. Ok. I'm sorta throwing around the idea of larger injectors so that's what made me question the maf situation. Either way though I'm heading to the tune shop, fmu or otherwise. It has an sct chip and has been tuned twice already. I'm crossing my fingers that the current tune will work at least well enough to make it to the shop. I'm new and kinda ignorant on the tuning game, I guess I need to read up on it. The place I go isn't really customer friendly but they kinda got me by the balls w their "free" (for $200 some odd)tunes after the 1st one.
  6. Thank you sir. Cut and dry
  7. Not so cut and dry
  8. Really? That's exactly the proper way of building a combo. Match your supporting parts! Tune or not! I believe in doing things right.

    Although it can be done, why leave it to a tuner to bandaid around a situation that could have been avoided?

    Anyway, From reading in your other various Threads, I was under the assumption that you were planning to use your stock injectors. Therefore you can use your stock MAF and no need to calibrate it in the tune.

    Let me ask this: If you are in fact using larger injectors and still plan to run the FMU, did you specify that when you ordered your Vortech kit? The FMU provided will come calibrated for stock injectors unless you specify what size injectors you will be using. The calibration disk inside the FMU will need to be changed according to the size of injector.

    I guess you can leave that to your tuner as well?
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  9. Si, I ordered kit for 19 lbers but I'm mulling over injectors n pump vs fmu etc. Doing it right is fine but who wants to buy a calibrated one then pay to get it calibrated again? I guess someone doing it right. As for the cut n dry n thing that guy gave a yes it will no it won't type answer. Yours not so much that's all
  10. there is boost? didn't see that before...

    Talk to the tune shop about your setup. You need to consider things like maxing out the injectors, pegging the MAF meter, and what the tune shop prefers to do.

    A custom tune is not a bandaid... a calibrated MAF is the bandaid...
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  11. Sounds like a plan