tuning my 03 cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tizzle, May 6, 2010.

  1. i recently bought an 03 cobra and love the car, but i want to tune it and put it on a chassis dyno. Already has some mods, intake throttle body, exhaust, and 2.7 pulley. Whats a good tuner, diablo? sct? do they write a tune? does the dyno shop tune it according to the dyno numbers? I really dont have a clue bout that, but i jus want to make sure its done right? I'd really appreciate some input and advise. Also bout what kinda rwhp could i expect to see? Thanks.
  2. Welcome to SN tizzle. :cheers:

    Well, if you really want it "done right," IMHO - take it to a performance shop that specializes in dynotuning Mustangs. You can go the computer/handheld route as well, but dynotuning by a shop is generally considered to be "better."

    G'luck and also be sure to read the Terminator FAQ over in the "SVT Tech" section as well.
  3. hey thank alot, im going to go that route, hitn the dyno next week, let ya know what kinda numbers she turns. i really appreciate the input, im open for any other good advise or suggestions.
  4. def take it to a reputable tuner in your area...best money you will spend