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  1. i finally got a call from a local tuner after 3 months of waiting but i have a dilema, i have a brand new unused sct xcal2 but the tuner does diablo, should i use a diablo chip that is compatible with the saleen ecu but i wont be able to adjust parameters myself or pull engine codes like you would w/ the handheld or should i buy a stock gt ecu and get a handheld diablo tuner thus allowing me to pull codes, adjust parameters and wrap up my saleen flashed ecu and pack it away knowing i will always have the working factory ecu in case i ever want to go back to stock...which will probly never happen
  2. i talked to my tuner today and i am going to go with a diablo handheld tuner and a diablosport mafia maf extender instead of the sct xcal2 and 90mm lmaf. Also, i have to get a stock mustang gt computer so it is compatible with the handheld diablo which really sucks b/c i dont think ecu's are cheap....anyway, i should have my car tuned around march 17 just in time for spring so i can hit the track and see if i can break the 11's....
  3. the dealer wants 420 plus a 100 core thus neting me a bill of 520 plus tax....i think i will have to look on the internet for one with the computer code xsh1 or xsh2....if anyone sees one i would appreciate if you posted it or shot me a pm..thanks, rich
  4. Dude a SCT Xcalibrator II, 42Lbs, Lightning 90MM MAF, Reichard Racing 3.0 Or 2.8 Pulley with a dyno tune, or custom mail order tune is the way to go. Your wasting your time with the Diablo setup.
  5. hey 03 i gave you lots of advice and tips throughout time and your going in a totally different direction. If you think its better let me know i would like to race you. I tune cars and have all the softwear and i dont even fool with my car i just get it running good and where it feels good and i leave it alone. 90mm maf and sct tune is the way to go.
  6. amazon tuning solutions or JMS can get youa mail order tune with an xcal2 that is basically dead on and will continue to tweak it until its just right for you. I've used both of them on my '01 and couldnt of been happier with them. You dont need a new computer and all the other shenanigans that tuner is trying to get you to do
  7. i do appreciate your advice but it's a pain to drive out of state to get a dyno tune and im getting it done at a respectable shop and its just what they recomend. Since they are doing it im going with whats easiest for them and what they are used to. Justin Burcham, owner of Jpc who has various winning records, set some of the first records with his 3valve, been on the show pinks and a tuner from diablosport who is coming to baltimore to use jpc's dyno will be tuning my car so i feel confident with them...

    and if you still run 11.90s i think we would have a pretty reasonable race since i ran 12.1 with intake and exhaust and my next running will be with a better intake, more boost, 3.73s, draglites on all corners, and a tune...
  8. Good luck not sure when im going to the track again i just picked my car up had the full saleen body kit put on. I need to do drag shocks because my car comes out so hard the rear is jumping around and sounds like the drive shaft is coming through the floor. I would and should be able to go at least 11.6 this year im probably going to add chicane intercooler. I still have the stock exhaust. I hope you mount up the sticky tires and bang that thing out of the whole these cars love it.
  9. i would like to know your results on the chicane intercooler seeing as how the intercooler, cams or longtubes will most definitly be my next mod, as for banging the gears, my tranny has developed a horrible grind into 3rd so i will have to see how well its gonna let me "bang" my gears until the problem is fixed....rebuild or tko 600?
  10. tune

    I would not recomnd usuing diablo software it has problems with the ford software and the idel, ive used both sct and diablo and im strongly recomending not using the diablo software, if you dont belive me call acfuab or check there website,, they have built numerous mustangs and mustang tb's, and are very very aware of this problem with saleen/mustangs and diablo software, please take my advice and at least check with acfuab before you waste $500.

    and as far as an 11.90 with a saleen blowers lets see some proof, untill then im calling b/s
  11. ^ dude the Series IV and Series V are actually some pretty good blowers man.
  12. blowers

    i was refering to the series I-II, and ya the series IV-V are ok blowers, if you want a real blower you need one of these

    best thing i ever did to my saleen, and ive never looked back
  13. 2.2? Pretty Nice. Some people dont have the 5k lying around lol.

    More pics
  14. I did dyno a car then we added chicanes intercooler the car made 381hp then we added the intercooler, it was at 400hp and we did not retune that was 14 deg of timing. My intercooler temps in the summer hit 160deg that is not good. Anyway my list of mods is the forbidden small but mighty IV blower chicane pulley 90mm maf 42's focus pump 10inch filter 75mm tb bassani high flow cats, stock manifolds stock cat back. I also have 373's and my very safe tune. Best trap speed is 116mph. People forget that the saleen blowers are smaller then a kb its not that they are better. I think the intercooler and a bigger coolant resivoir is the way to go
  15. go to you tube and search tims mustang gt saleen supercharged. great videos i even lift the tire. it was taken at island dragway in nj first day was windy as hell but its a good video. If you knew about drag racing its very believable. We also have a 03 cobra that went 10.9 on a stock eaton no porting just bolt ons. search cory 10.99 cobra awsome video he bangs the gears on the car.
  16. I am in no way the expert in this matter, when I was thinking about this upgrade I spoke to Joe at Chicane and he said because the intercooler is doing a better job at cooling your temps will rise. I have read that several people with the Chicane intercooler have had temperature increases with the swap. I am sure that someone else with the technical knowledge can explain this better then I.

    Did we just hijack this thread, sorry about that, I would keep the SCT.
  17. Wait so you have two cars? One with a Kb and One with the Series IV?
  18. :flag: :flag: :flag: The older blowers had H2O temp (serries I/II/ect) Serries IV V have air temp...On the older blowers the temp prob is in the coolant tank you will see an increase in coolant temps because the intercooler is tranfering the heat to the coolant/on the the newer blowers you will see a drop in air temp. Mine droped about 30deg + with the chicane intercooler plus the LFP Heat Exchanger and Supertank..