Roush tuning opinions...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03s281sc, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. no just the s4
  2. definitly not bs, i believe disco when he says he has and i did see his video. Also, i ran 12.07 with my s4 with a cheap mac cai, t/b, and x pipe...11.90 should be a realistic goal with my mods 2 weeks from now...i will be going to the track to test them out and will let everyone know

    and that link goes nowhere...
  3. do you still have a stock bottom end and what are your numbers

  4. Well i saw your video. Thing moves pretty good. You need some headers and a catback forr sure. Makes me wish i took my saleen to the track. I probably would have been right around your times:bang:
  5. i honestly think my o/r x pipe and intake are my best mods, i dont think im feeling the gears yet b/c ive only drove a couple miles on them n traction is horrible...o yeah my tranny started to grind to going into 3rd
  6. I thought you could get the ECU flashed back to stock and then tune it with the diablo.
  7. Yes,

    If you flash it back to stock you can use the Predator.

    The thing is there will always be Diablo guys and there will always be SCT guys.

    Personally, I prefer SCT because it's a grass roots set up. Bottom line is if you have a tuner that is completely proficient with SCT and Diablo, 9 times out of 10 he will recommend SCT.

    As for Joe's intercooler....... I have personally seen 40 hp gains with a re-tune. It's that simple.
  8. I wish more people would take the approach like me an 03s281sc because these cars can run. So many people worry about what the dyno reads and they ditch it for the kb. Now kb does offer bigger blowers true but i wouldnt give mine up.
  9. I took your approach, I ported the series 2, did all the shenanigans and made 380rwhp. I did not get the new intercooler, however I did close off the intercooler gaps which im sure helped some, but not 40rwhp . People ditch the series 1 and 2 blowers b/c they arent good. Now maybe that intercooler closes the HP gap b/w it and EVERY other nice blower on the market, but then it becomes extremely limited by the amount of boost that tiny lil blower can make if your looking for power, not to mention it becomes very inefficient.
  10. how hard is the intercooler to install? Any fabrication required, i might see if i can get one by next week before my dyno tune.
  11. Um i took your approach. I was actually one of the first to take the approach. There was no way in hell i was buying a KB. My problem was i never dynoed with all the mods on the car or on the track but let me tell you ****** moved.


    Reichard Racing 3.0 Blower Pulley
    Accufab 75mm Tb
    42# Inj
    SVT Focus Fuel Pump
    NGK TR6'S Gapped at .038
    90MM Maf
    SCT Xcal2 Tune
    BBK Ceramic Long Tube Headers
    BBK Catted X-Pipe
    Magnaflow catback
    LFP Heat Exchanger
    LFP Intercooler Resivour Tank
    3:73 Gears
    Nitto Drag Radials

    I had to sell the car and regret it alot. I wanted to take it to the track so bad and Dyno it.
  12. not hard at all the only pain is the one we got had no holes drilled for the plate around the intercooler. Its not hard at all to take these things apart just take your time thats all i can say its like a puzzle
  13. like a 3 hour install? do you have to remove the intake manifold or just the s/c? Im really thinking about getting one before dyno day
  14. They all come that way (no holes drilled)plan on 4-5 hr install..yes you have to take the intake off.
  15. for $715+ or w.e it costs you think they would put some holes in it:shrug:
  16. i think im just gonna get the dyno done then take my time on ordering the intercooler and some stage 1 cams and install them both myself. Im not really up for installing st2's and having a power loss below 3500rpm and all the extra work that comes with needing new springs. If that ever happens, i'll hit the dyno again once they are installed...
  17. The reason they come undrilled is because each saleen intake is slighty different so you have to use the hole pattern on your intake to make it fit correctly.Have you thought about adding the LFP heat exchanger and super tank.

  18. no more stock botom end, and as far as running the series II, i did for a while it didnt make very much power even ported and the iat temps were through the roof, also i was over spining it so i bought a real blower, kb are the best blowers out there hands down.
  19. i was under the impression that the saleen heat exchanger was decent with the dual fans and the intercooler was the weak link in the cooling system of the s/c.
  20. I installed the LFP stuff before the Chicane intercooler....The LFP heat exchanger and the coolant tank are both about 2X bigger than the stock ones they are easy to install and helped drop the intake temps.....