Roush tuning opinions...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03s281sc, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. +1 I never took pics of that setup though.

    Hollywood can you post pics of youe engine bay?
  2. I'll get some pics...
  3. K sweet.

    Actually Everyone post pics of your engine bay!

    I wanna see some Modded Series IV's
  4. stock saleen exchanger is good with those fans its thicker then the 03 cobra exchanger. Now the overflow tank is a joke on the saleen and cobra. Get the lfp tank or stick a 5 gallon fuel cell in the trunk.
  5. The LFP heat exchanger is bigger than the saleen and the fans will fit...
  6. LFP Exchange/Tank

    Started looking on the LFP website for the heat exchanger and supertank and I just wanted to verify that this is the tank for the 03-04 Cobra being sold for $199. Are there any modifications needed to install this up to the current mount? I'm tempted.. sounds extremely functional for these Series I/II setups but IMHO it really looks out of place in the engine bay.


  7. Jordan..

    LFP makes both the super tank and the heat exchanger that will fit your saleen.For some reason the don't show them on their web site.But they are the cobra ones made to fit the saleen.I helped them design the brackets and AN fitting locations using my 03 Saleen.I'm trying to send pics....

  8. Thanks a lot for that Marc