tuning turbo 91 GT

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by loudexhaust, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I am going to put a turbo in my Mustang in the coming months and have no idea on what my tuning options are. What i have gathered:

    dyno tune with custom chip. Need to get a new chip if you mess with you motor and is pretty spendy.

    megasquirt. can diy but pretty difficult to use for noobs. price is good.

    twEECer. not sure what capabilities this has, doesn't look cheap...

    Here is my setup:
    gt40p heads, explorer intake, tfs stage 1, exhaust, everything else is basically stock. What are some options for getting this thing tuned w/o spending $500?
  2. never used MS but i have heard its pretty involved as far as setting it up goes. have to make your own motherboard i think and make your own wiring harness etc. that sort of stuff if what i have been told. but it does work well once it all going.

    i have used a tweecer, and its very capable. the tweecer RT is 550 new. but to really take full advantage of tuning, i'd suggest a WBo2 ( a must if you plan on getting serious with tuning) and some better programs to use with the tweecer which can be bought for around 120$, which are worth it. so in reality you can have around 750-1000$ wrapped up in it all depending if you buy the tweecer new and what WB you get. but to me its worth it. the tweecer works very well and gives you control over everything.

    i could go into great detail but i wont, if you decide to get a tweecer, theres alot of support for it online, plus i can help you also. if you need any help shoot me a PM, i'm no tuning expert but i know my way around the tweecer pretty good and did the whole "start from scratch" thing, so i should be able to get you on your feet.

    as far as your mods. N/A they may work alright, but going forced induction... its pretty much required to get a tune if you want your setup to last long. i ran my supercharger setup last year untuned, i thought it ran awesome, didnt have a tune for it, i ended up popping a head gasket. i finally got the tweecer setup and the car ran harder, drove better and was safer (as far as engine damage goes)
  3. I can say that as foxfan said, megasquirt used to be more involved to get setup…but they now offer complete, built MSI and MSII ecu’s along with an adaptor board which allows you to plug into the existing wiring harness. I will say though that building the ECU yourself will allow you to make future mods that are available now…or will be in the future. You need to build small add-on’s in the boards pro-type area for said add-on’s. Keep in mind however, these things are typically only available on some of the high end aftermarket ECU’s. You have your basics like an electric fan control, shift lights etc., and then you have some of the cool stuff like launch control (2-step), traction control, boost control, nitrous control, meth controller etc. . The options are almost limitless….but will require you to be able to solder on a small circuit (available both on the megasquirt forums and on the on-line manuals). To put things in perspective….my megasquirt ecu was my first “real” electronics soldering job. I’ve soldered speaker wires before….or the occasional capacitor that fried on a t.v. from a power surge….but no real board soldering experience. As long as you take your time and follow the instructions…it’s EASY! The same goes with the small add-on circuits for various options.
  4. where are you located ? any tuners in your area that can burn a chip for it ?