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  1. i just got the quarterhorse from moats.has anyone inhere used it before.does it use same files as tweecer.i am waiting on moats site to come back up with new program craig moats e-mailed me earlier and said he was working on it now and should be in my e-mail shortly(the bin for 94-95-tm40).i could use all the help i can get my car runs good with stock tune.idles good,no bucking.what im worried about is under wot because i am supercharged with stage 3 cam tfs stage 3 heads and r intake.please if anyone has any suggestion for a newbi tuner im all ears:shrug:
  2. I am new to this site but i do have a QH and love it, I am using BE AND EA to tune with.
  3. What are your complete mods?

    This is what I would do. After you get your stock bin (can you not pull it off the ecu with qh?) Enter your injector settings. Most can be found
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    Then enter your maf curve. You also need to change your fuel and spark tables. Once again, you can get already published stuff at the above website. Its called Forced Induction.

    That should set you up for the correct commanded fuel and spark.

    I hope you have a wideband. If you do, load all that stuff and take it out and log.

    I don't know how it will run with your h/c/i. I am all stock engine, so I can't help there.
  4. thanks guys

    thanks.thats what i did loaded stock bin with templates.i used the forced induction template.i have a question.on my spark it shows still 38%advanced.i was thinking it should not be above 21 or so with 10lbs boost.i am waiting on my flow sheet still.then i ws going to enter my 42inj. template.i have already entered the lower fan settings and stuff.any suggestions.should i load force open loop.i do still have mt btm hooked up.it ran really good with btm and fuel pressure jacked up to 55(i dont use my fmu with my 42)
  5. it has been a few months now and i am getting the hang of it.my problem is i have my maf curve correct i think but if i enter my inj. size by scolar or template it does not run.it feels much better with maf curve and fact inj, setting.should it.I was able to enter 28 in place of the 19lbs inj.what should i do.i have tried letting EA Figure my slopes out,still no good.should i just keep climbinmg up on inj. setting. i have 42 fms inj. i entered 42 high and 50.4 low i am a little confussed on breakpoint but i did try the one from EA and for website.my other question is about volts vs battery .can someone simplify this for me.if my car ran 11.80 and [email protected] i cant wait untill i get this tune correct and tires.(need taller and better compound)I ran out of gear @ 1000 ft also.i would like a low 11.00 sec car if possible