Tuning With S Trim

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  1. Ok guys educate me on tuning with an s trim . looking to run 8-10 max with a power pipe . Do I need to run a btm with a dyno tune ? I know fmus are unreliable unless someone wants to educate me more . So talk to me !

    340aeromotive drop in going in as well .
  2. Jeff I would just let them tune it.. they can do timing and spark thru the tune...I would get a good ignition system like a crane HI-6s and I think you will be golden....What MAF are you going to use?
  3. Jeff, your best bet is to ditch the fmu and have someone tune the car. x2 on the Crane box.
  4. @MY 85 GT who tuned your car , what do I need to go to the tuner just a chip ? will they supply an sct chip with the tune ?

    does the crane have boost timing retard like a btm does
  5. Jeff I have a moates chip its ok I would rather have a Pms or megasquirt stand alone...my crane doesn't have a BTM but I sure crane has one ...But again they can set all that up in the tune...The shop that did my car isn't doing it anymore...kinda sucks I have to find someone too to do the standalone tune....
  6. All that you would need is the car and your wallet, lol. The tuner will have the chip you need and will burn your tune and install it accordingly!
  7. yes but want to know what meter and injector size the tuner wants as well ;) and also how much money I should bring with me lol
  8. haha, do you have injectors and a meter now?
  9. 24s and a c&l 76 . I also have a 75mm pro m that is cal for 19s that I can send out
  10. I'm already assuming I am gonna need more injector
  11. Honestly since it's getting tuned and you and I both know that it's going to get aluminum heads in the future 42 lb injectors and mass air is where I would go with it. That way there is no buying multiple sets of injectors time and time again.
  12. Wow I am good at assuming so far lol , would it need a re tune after to swap or at that point the curves will be the curves ?
  13. It would need a re tune, you are talking about a sizable hp increase with a switch to alum heads. Once you have the chip and everything else you need, a retune would be rather cheap.
  14. figured , just asking all the newb questions now sorry if I am being annoying I just have never gotten this in depth
  15. lol, That's what this is all for, no question is a bad question. Heck, I have questions about things all the time!
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  16. I'd go 60# inj they will tune just fine and give you room to grow in the future...then a 80mm-95mm meter.

    No need to waste money on the BTM do it all through the chip although an aftermarket ignition box and coil can help with spark under boost.

    What pump do you have in the car now?
  17. I would also go strait to 60# injectors
  18. stock , gonna drop an aeromotive 340 drop in in it . 75 mm meter won't work ya don't think ? I am just trying somewhat to use what I have vs waisting money
  19. The 75mm will work but you'll have to have it recalibrated which will cost about $125. I'd try to sell the inj and meter as a set and upgrade to a larger meter which will be better reading in the fender....and it will be the last one you need.

    Alright on the pump...if you already had a large aftermarket pump you could go with an additional inline 255lph that would max out the stock lines and rails.
  20. Right now I am sitting on 2 meters a C&l 76 for my 24 lb injectors that I will sell together so i can grab the 42s I also have the pro m 75 that was on the car when. I got it calibrated for 19s I can use that for the blower . I have tried to sell it with no luck , a recal is 125, a meter is 350.