tuning with supercharger

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  1. got a 93 hatch recently bought going through it. stock 306 block forged internals performer rpm heads and intake 70mm t/body 80mm MAF 24lb injectors with a fmu and sn93 supercharger 6lb pulley. previous owner claimed to have dyno'd and tuned. Question..Can it have have been tuned without having the ecu openned for a chip or anything? not really trusting previous owners claim. no evidence of ecu being openned
  2. Nope, you'd at least need to expose the J3 port on the EEC and the chip would remain as evidence. You can't flash the 93 EEC. That wasn't until 96 with OBD II.
  3. So you would say there was no tune on this engine? Tuning for an engine with a supercharger would need to have ecu openned? Good thing I havent spun the motor up much to high?

  4. ECU doesn't need to be, "opened". The chip would go into the back. You'd see it if you're looking at the back of the ECU. If there isn't one then it was probably never tuned digitally.

    You say there's an FMU. If it were tune for a blower with such tiny fuel injectors then it would likely have been done using the FMU. I can't recall a SINGLE instance where someone tuned with both an FMU and EEC.

    What I mean is: If you're going to tune electronically, then why not get a fuel injector able to support the mods?

    You're right though... it's just as likely he slapped the blower kit on and went down the road.

    Lots of, "if".
  5. it has a sn93 s/c small one 6lbs. No boost gage yet to verify boost its putting out. Is it safe to say can run it as it is and or run at least 30lb injectors and have it electronicly tune throught the ecu... tune and dyno where I live runs between $550 and $900 thats the suck part