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  1. Hey, is it any different tuning with the vct. I mean dyno tunning or just chip out of a box tuning. should we expect to see the same gains, less, or better gains. I hope we could get better gains becasue of more control over the valvetrain.... :shrug: Hrmmmmm, F* the 3v 4.6 gimmie that 3v 5.4 :D .
  2. It has been reported that there is no port for a piggyback style chip. And since noone in the aftermarket is admitting to much about tuning them. I doubt anyone here can answer the question. I would hope it could be tuned. But I am not sure when someone will have something for it.
  3. but arn't there other cars that have vct... like the focus. I know my wifes 2000 escort Zx2 has it.. just wanted to know if gains were better with it. I guess I could just go find a f-150 site and find out from the new 3v vct 5.4's. some one has gotta be doin it. Too tempting a mod for someone not to figure a way to install one,IMO.
  4. Obviously I don't need numbers for the '05 stangs engine, I'm not a total bench chair racer.. just % gains from chip tuning on vct vrs. non vct/vtec/vvt..... just wondering
    Prolly doesn't matter anyway, I think I am waitin untill the first SVT to get a new body stang... Damnit I deserve an SVT. :D
  5. There are likely other cars with the same VCT. But since noone has tried to tune the 05. And I am not sure of the amount of tuning on any other cars with VCT. There is no way to tell how much you could gain.
  6. weird I posted that last one after you posted... .... :scratch:
  7. The problem again is if you have no access to the chip. Since there apparently will not be a way to piggyback a chip on it. Then from what we nkow right now. You won't have any gains.
  8. Like I had said a while back in a similar thread: The aftermarket parts industry is a billion dollar a year industry. While I don't know the percentage of that billion that is performance accessories, I would tend to think it is at least 20%. I think the things being discussed above are irrelevant. Think... no one is going to simply surrender 200 million a year in cummulative sales. It may take a bit longer than in the past, maybe even years, but somewhere along the line, there will be the ability to tune the Stang. I bet companies right now are vying to be the first, exclusitivity, so that may sell their solutions to other manufacturers as well. Kenne Belle... need I say more?
  9. I refuse to believe there is no way to alter an ecu. Is this ecu different than any other in the world? It took 6-8 months before someone broke the code on the VW 1.8T but after that, they basically took the ecu apart and put a piggyback chip on the brains. Then they figured out how to alter the ecu thru the OBD port. This way there is no physical change to the ecu, just different programming. I'm pretty sure the new mustang will have this port since I think its mandated by whatever OBD version your car has. What info has been given so far on the factory ecu? Like ford said the hardest part is the drive-by-wire throttle, which is no different than the 1.8T. It's a programming nightmare, not to mention a dangerous area to mess around if you don't get it right or have reliablity issues. Some ecu's if they see increased performance or figures(airflow, fuel, timing, etc...) will actually think something is wrong and try to bring the performance levels back to stock. Even basic bolt ons might affect the car in the wrong way. I'd wait for a chip before I did any changes to the cam timing, spark timing or anything else that the ecu will monitor. How is the spark system going to be, coil packs, distributor cap? I would assume coil packs with the way technology is going and considering everything seems to be ecu controlled in this new car.

    If this ecu is really unable to be altered then companies will just design a stand alone. Which is a great tool but too damn expensive for the person that only plans on doing basic performance upgrades.
  10. It's a computer... where there's a hacker there's a way. I bet someone will have a tuner system accessing the OBD port within 6 months to a year after introduction.
  11. I am sure someone will break it. But as of right now. No one who is saying. Has any idea of what kind of gains you might see.
  12. Coming from the Suby community, I know that the STi's are throttle-by-wire. Also, all of the Subys lack a "chip" that can be changed. You either get a reflash, or use a piggyback computer.

    Plenty of tuners have come up with good reflashes for it. One (Cobb tuning) does it through the OBD-II port. Very handy and easy to do.

    Since Ford worked so much with the aftermarket, I'd be surprised if there was no provision for reflashes or some sort of piggyback. I'd love to see something that works through the OBD-II port.