Tunnels are AWESOME!

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  1. On my way down to SC, I had the opportunity to go through a couple of tunnels. There is nothing better than rolling down the windows (winter temps be damned) and dropping from 5th to 3rd and letting her rip. I had my 6 yr old son with me when I did it. The first time it scared the crap out of him (and probably every one else in the tunnel). My wife was 10 cars behind me and made a point to call me and chew me out when cell service came back. When we got to the 2nd tunnel, I actually wasnt going to do it, but the boy asked me to... LOL. How can I tell my son "no", when it is something I enjoyed doing so much. LOL! I didnt get a call that time, it was a short tunnel and I dont think she was anywhere near it when I let loose.

    I could hear the echoing whine of my blower and the scream of my exhaust; it was simply beautiful!

    On another completely different note... I usually average around 11 mpg city.... I discovered that when using cruise control for a very long time I was actually able to get nearly 22 mpg out of it. I am amazed.
  2. HAHAHA... I'm always amazed at how much kids love the sounds of a badass motor and exhaust. Brings some of the excitement back. :nice:
  3. I agree, great fun! :D

    Good job putting the bug in the next generation!
  4. Have you never seen U.K.'s Top Gear, they act exactly like your son when they find tunnels. (I'm jealous because I haven't driven through one in a long time with my car though!)
  5. I'll have to upload some of my tunnel videos
  6. Parking garages are awesome too!! And going under a bridge!!
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  7. The tunnel under 215 is the only redeaming value in driving to the airport here.
  8. The mall near me has a 5 level parking garage. I park on the top staying in 1st gear the whole time. (AOD manual valve body transmission)