Fox Turbo 351w Vs. 408 Stroker?

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  1. Hey guys,

    i'm planning on building a streetable fox with a 351w swap over the next few years… I was originally planning on stroking it to a 408, but now I'm condering a turbo 351w…? Which would be a better overall engine? What are typical budgets on these builds (if i do all the work myself)?
  2. I would figure around 15K for the Turbo and say 10K for the 408 N/A is a decent estimate. With a aftermarket based block of course. Prolly a little low when you factor in the supporting auxillary parts and fuel mods.
  3. Aftermarket block, 4.125 bore 4,00" stroke puts you in the 427 ci range add 225cc TFS heads and the turbo and supporting mods and your around 20,000$ but will have a killer under the hood. Now lets address trans and suspension, roll cage, wheels tires etc. Get my point here.... This gets so expensive so fast, ask me how I know lol.

    What is your in budget dollars and cents? I think that is a better place to start than to ask what the best combo is.
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  4. ^^^ what he said...

    i will add you REALLY dont need big inchs to go fast with a turbo...
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  5. OP if you want a 500hp or so range engine for the street grab a roller block351w and punch it out to 408 with alum heads etc. you can build a long block for around 6k. Then you have to address everything else that 84ttop posted above. It does add up quick. You can slap together a budget 351 with upgraded pistons,polished rods &crank,alum heads,roller cam,etc and throw a budget turbo system like On3 at it. It's still going to cost a minimum of 10-15k with all the extras. I'm in the process of saving for mine myself and have set my budget at 20k for engine,trans,fuel system,exhaust,ignition,etc. That doesn't take into account the suspension,brakes,cage,hood and misc little things
  6. You still out show boating around with that 347......LMAO!!
  7. haha damn right! if we could front half like the nitrous car that lil 347 would go into the low 60's to the 1/8 and prob go 7.0's out the back!
  8. Hmmm sounds like a 408 would be a better route... I'm planning to build the engine all at once, so my budget for the engine alone will be around 6-8k. I will do all supporting mods first, then do the engine when the rest of the car is ready.
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  9. To give you an idea ford Strokers has a 408 carb to oil pan long block for just under 8k. Makes mid 500hp on pump gas. If you've never driven a car with 500hp believe me it's a whole different experience :nice: I think it's the best way to go if you spend most of the time on the street. Dedicated dragrace car I'd think about a turbo. Still capable of 10sec ets and if you want to go a little faster throw a small shot of nitrous at it in the future.
  10. Sounds like a beast!! And fairly do-able. Ill probably go somewhere along those lines
  11. That's not bad! That might be the way to go. Pick that one up and add a few mods, it could easily be a 4-500hp engine.
  12. ditch the heads on that thing and you'll be on to something!
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  13. I also found a 425hp one for around 5,300. Intake, heads, and cam and it should be up in the 5s
  14. I'd buy the cheaper one for now and get better heads and cam later on. You'd be much happier. But as a starting point, you really can't beat that.
  15. The ford Strokers engine is turn key and already has TFS heads,billet hyd roller,etc. way better deal imo
  16. I would indeed buy a the FordStroker over a mass produced jegs or the like.

    Woody is always on corral and I have never read a bad thing about any of his motors.
  17. I would too, but you gotta PAY and waaaiiiiit for his stuff. I was merely suggesting this for the balla on a budget - the guy that throws quarters at strippers BC he can't make it rain.

    I don't mean to argue. It goes without saying that Woody's product is far superior that the mass produced engine I linked to and you do indeed get what you pay for. To the OP, if you have the cash, by all means, go the route suggested by the two gents above.
  18. For a street care I would recommend a turbo on a four bolt 302 block.