Fox Turbo 351w Vs. 408 Stroker?

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  1. Hmmm yeah tough choice. I have all the time in the world, but funding might be an issue... I'm definitely on a budget
  2. in the end 500hp is 500hp, it doesnt matter if you make it with cubic inches, or forced induction, or chemical supercharging. the fuel curves are going to be about the same, as are the power curves. the real difference is going to be the initial cost, and the on going costs. how many dollars do you want to go fast?
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  3. For the engine alone, Somewhere along the lines of 5-7k would be best.
  4. i agree! choice would be a 408 with a great set of heads and enough cam etc. to make mid 500s rwhp built by a reputable builder......its my next one
  5. best for what? an economical build? only if someone else does all the work. best for making power? if i were to spend $5-7000 on an engine, i would expect to make much more than 500hp.
  6. Just curious how would you build an engine capable of 500+hp reliably for that price? I understand throwing forced induction at a 302 for that range but then you're pushing the limits of the block. Maybe LS swap? But then all the extras start adding up. Idk. I've been trying to figure out the most economical,durable,and simplistic way to get 500+ and personally want to stay sbf(which obviously is a narrow approach)
  7. 5-7 k for a complete motor is stock block land for sure. For a full on street car I like the idea of big cubes and NA

    I have been considering going back to NA swap the cam and rev to 6700 rpms
  8. you spend your money wisely, and you do most of the work yourself. you can for instance build a 393w very cheaply, you just need the crank, and use stock type 351w rods with stock type 302 pistons. you can be in the short block for about a $1000 perhaps a bit more depending on the labor rates in your area for machine work. good aluminum heads these days are fairly cheap at around $1200 for a pair, and another $500 in cam lifters intake and carb and headers, and with the right combination you have built an engine pushing 550hp that is still quite streetable.
  9. ^^ Best of luck with that...
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  10. Where's that deal?
  11. boy you guys take the cake. what are you made of money and can just drop a ton of cash on everything? do you not shop around and try to find the best deals on everything? how about doing some research for yourselves? you dont have to buy a new intake or carb you know, carbs can be rebuilt, and intakes can be bought at swap meets for cheap money sometimes, you just have to search out the deals. but just for you to whet your appetite, here is a hydraulic roller cam AND lifters from comp cams for less than $500;

    or if you prefer flat tappet cams;

    come on guys shop around a bit, and make the tough decisions.
  12. and to further whet your appetite, here is an intake that would work on a 393w;

    note the price for a NEW one.

    get the idea now? the cheap flat tappet cam and lifters in less than $200, the intake is just over $200, you can buy a used carb for about $50 and a good rebuild kit for $50, and viola, cam, lifters, intake, and carb for $500 and that is using pretty much all new parts except the carb.
  13. Looks like a great way to build yourself a nice 250hp 393w boat anchor. If you want to show up with an engine that isn't going to embarrassing, it's going to cost $7k.

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  14. Again just curious but why? For simplicity? That turbo setup has to be bada**! The "big cubes" have been my plan but am kinda enthralled by a 363 turbo lately. After owning yours what don't you like and which would you choose if you were going to do it again?
  15. Just thinking about it, I doubt I will do it. I should try less spring in the gate to try and keep the tires on it on the street.
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  16. There's no cheap way to do this properly. I am all for shopping around and getting a steal, do it all the time. When building a performance motor especially high HP for a daily driver that needs to be reliable. There is no cheap way.
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  17. There are good ways to save money. Shopping around on Summit and picking parts based on price is not the way to do it. Especially when it comes to camshafts. $100 difference in camshaft cam mean the difference between a 250hp engine and a 350hp engine. I have heard of doing the 393cid engine with stock 302 pistons and stock 351 rods. I don't disagree that's a good budget build. Generally speaking though, if you are that short on money, then you aren't going to spend the money you need on the top end, and you would have been better off with a 302 anyway. Fuel injection parts are so cheap now, there is no advantage to gettting a carb.

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  18. Agree 100% on EFI vs carb and on the being able to afford it. I personally have set my budget at 20k for mine including the trans. Was hoping for 750hp or so but now I think I'm going to lower my expectations of that power range(and hopefully the cost).
    I think a 408 built by woody with tfs205 heads,proper cam,EFI,etc backed by a TKO with my suspension should net some 10sec slips. And be relatively streetable(for the 1-3k miles I drive a year)
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  19. I think you have a solid plan.

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  20. In this day and age, I don't know why anybody would voluntarily build a flat tappet motor.
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