Progress Thread Turbo 67 Coupe Help

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  1. Im hopeing someone can help me with a link,contact or info.Been beatin my head tryin to get some answer.I have a 67 coupe,motor pretty nasty 302 ford raceing block,forged internals and etc w/ roush windsor heads 4speed comp plus tranny,380 locker ,but wanting to run single 73mm turbo set up on car.Does anyone build a kit?Does anyone do such customizations?I already have a blow through carb and turbo,basically need plumbing hot side/cold side or complete set up minus carb.Thanks for any help:bang:
  2. i'd o take a peak over on he turbo forums. Those guys will stear you right. Not sure if there's much turbo actiity here in the classic secton. I don't know of anyone that makes an off the shelf kit, but its just piping....
  3. Thanks for a direction,partner.
  4. no prob. I'm turbo'd myself in my fox :D

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  5. Thats sharp,I bet she moves along.I love natural,but nothin like the feel of boost when it decides to come
  6. ya, its ok for a v8 with a turbo ;)
  7. Yeah,i bet it man,gonna check out link.Ill get back atcha,let ya know what come up with.
  8. add your location to your profile page, it will help us call up other locals that can help yuo out
  9. The guy that built mine no longer does, so anything you find now will be custom and $$$$$$. And before somebody tells you, flipped shorties will not work.

    Also your going to want to change the gears, a 3.80 will not let it build boost in 1st gear and rev out too going to change to a 3.25 soon.
  10. Hooker 88400 shorties will work on a 67 with an 8.5" deck. A welder and a saws all is about all you need. Building my headers was by far the hardest part. The rest is pretty easy even for a beginner. Where are you?
  11. Appreciate the help guys,found a paxton novi set up for it.Building a low comp 393 might do turbo set up on.Thanks for gear info too.