Progress Thread Turbo 93 Coupe Build

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  1. Thanks guys, I know I know a little condensed. Sure wish it had only taken a day to build!

    Starting to warm up here so should be able to start wrenching hopefully soon!
  2. i love it dude
  3. Made some progress this weekend on the front brakes and spindles. I have collected all of the parts I need besides rear brake calipers. I got a rough set of calipers from the junk yard but after some research they are not easily rebuild-able so I am still on the hunt for those.

    Spindle/Hub From Junk Yard:
    View attachment 133097
    View attachment 133100

    Painted Spindle/hub:
    View attachment 133103
    View attachment 133106

    Also wire brushed and painted the front rotors,over spray will be removed from friction surface before install:
    View attachment 133110
    View attachment 133113

    Coldish garage didn't help but got some runs in the paint on the rotor, not a big deal though since it is where the wheel sits and wont be visible. Will just quickly sand it flat before bolting the wheel up.

    Come on warm weather! :D
  4. looks awesome man! are those 94/95 spindles or are they from the 04 as well?
  5. What I wanna know is why the hell the original owner parted it out
  6. i was curious about that as well. the car was pristine!