Turbo Blue/110 Octane Gas Stations in Michigan

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by JimBowy, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Alright guys, I could use a list of 110 octane stations in Michigan.
    These are the ones I know of....
    - Sunoco on Vanborn/Pelam
    - Citco just off Southfield Freeway (right where it turns into Southfield Rd.)

    I found a few others but don't remember their exact locations. The biggest bummer tonight is that I needed refueling and the Vanborn/Pelam station was closed. Turns out other stations like Citco and a Marathon the NOZZLE for the gas wouldn't fit in my tank :shrug: . This must be a "feature" to prevent ppl from filling with the wrong gas but now I guess I need a funnel to fill my car?

    What a pain...
  2. just wondering, why such high octane at only 7psi?
  3. When I'm using 93 octane I get detonation =(
    With the higher octane fuel and with my timing at 4/5 degrees this is a temporary fix for the problem until I get a bigger fuel pump, computer, larger injectors, and dyno tune.

    By the way, I forgot to mention, I live at Southfield and Dix.
  4. Hey Jim I drove your car before, I know the old owner of your car. PM me or email me and ill give ya some places around detroit with 110 octane.
  5. Alright, PM has been sent. :nice:
  6. 110 is leaded..can't that mess up O2 sensors?
  7. yes, leaded can screw up the 02 sensors... but i think most 110 octane around here is leaded... and i believe this is what the previous owner used....
  8. I'd try the turbo blue and see if you're still gettin the detonation, or just get all the supporting mods and get that mofo tuned.
  9. yup, im using the turbo blue and it does prevent the detonation...

    i think turbo blue comes in 2 forms, leaded and unleaded... i believe unleaded is more expensive, does this sound right?
  10. yeah, I think the unleaded would be more expensive because they have to refine it more or maybe put different chemicals in it..