Turbo Build Up Coming soon

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  1. Hey guys, after long nights and days reading everything from strokers to blowers I have finally decided that I am going to build a Turbo car. To start off with I will be basing my lower end off of a Dart Iron block with 4 bolt mains, eagle 4340 crank and eagle 4340 H-beam rods. Next I am going to use the AFR 185's ported for the turbo application, TFS Track Heat upr/lwr intake 75mm t/b and 75-80 mm MAF. The cam will be a custom grind specifically built for the turbo set up and I should be running around 12-13 lbs of boost to begin with. This is with the Pro-Turbo Kits 67mm Turbo which is estimated to be in the 700-800 hp range after some dyno time. I appreciate all the good posts on all the different combos and I can't wait to get mine done. All of this will be going in a 92 LX vert with a transmission specialties built 2-speed glide with brake and 3000 stall converter, or the T-56 six speed, I have not made up my mind yet. If you have any other suggestions let me know, I just want enough power to run down most sport bikes.LOL
  2. This post confuses me. Why not get the AFR 205's for a li'l more, and save cash on the port work.
    I dont know a whole lot about the dart blocks, and what they can support (power). But, make sure that whoever preps the bottem end knows their stuff.

    As for the turbo itself, well, that leaves a LOT in open.
    Flow maps are one thing, knowing the combination is another.

    You talk about HP, but, in reallity, the turbo was created to increase torque.

    Anyway, heres my thing. It is my personal opinoin, that you should do a bit more research.
    I dont mean to knock you in any way, shape, or form. But, you are looking for some pretty seriious power. make sure that ALL ends fit.

    Take into account, the compressor map of the turbo, and how effeciant it is at the given pressure. The intercooler comes into play here as well. You compress, you heat.... you want performance, you gotta cool it down.

    Fuel system. ok.. lets forgett about the intake crap for a second.
    You can give air to the beast, but can you feed it?

    You will need new fuel rails, (I think vortech has some good stuff) the fuel injectors, the pump.

    Supose that you HAVE the power.. then you have got to supoort it.
    A T-56,.. well, its a damn good trany, dont get me wrong. but we are talking about a mid 9 second car here.

    A powerglide (non street car) would be ideal.
    That would give the turbo something to build boost with.

    5+ speed gearboxes really should be reserved for the twisties.

    If you REALLY want to go with a stick, look at Jerico. (spelling) they have some really nice gear boxes.

    Anyway, its not a simple toss and burn (rubber) deal.

    AIR is power, fuel supports power... car must support both. Driveline and everything else.

    i dont mean to stray you from your project. but.. its a rather serious undertaking.

  3. nothing was taken in the wrong way, I appreciate the help. You are right, all of those variables do come into play with a Turbo set up. I assumed everyone would know that all of the other variables such as fuel system and things of that nature that you listed would be upgraded at the same time. I am not new to the Turbo game but new to adding a turbo to a V-8. The principle is the same, more boost more air more fuel more power. Everything has to work together and you can be rest assured that everything will be matched and tuned together on the dyno and then tweaked after that for each track conditions. As for the heads, the Turbo manufacturer recommended the 185's with this set-up, and I tend to listen to the guys who have built the system.
    As for the Tranny, I will end up with the Glide for sure and a 9 inch in the rear. Most of this cars life will be spent playing on the street but I will need the bullet proof drive train to handle the power. A glide isn't the best thing for the street but since I won't spend countless hours in the car on the street it will do just fine. I have a good friend running a mid 8 tube car 577 cui on the street with a glide and we have a lot of fun even with just 2 gears.
  4. Go hit up turbomustangs.com Plenty of info on all of the available kits out there. And alot of guys that know their stuff.

    One thing that id change of the bat is your intake choice. Id look into a nice box intake for your application

  5. Timm your right, I had fogotten that they suggested a box intake instead of a runner intake. I am sure I will have plenty of help on this subject and by the time I start the build up I will have everything in palce a ready to build the ultimate street machine.(at least for me)
  6. I dont think you need a glide at all. X2C has gone 8's at 160mph in a tremec that they have modified V2.0R and then they drive the car home. You could run a tremec X2C V1.0 if you mainly want to have a street machine. Or if you want to launch it on slicks and race it regulary you could go with an X2C V2.0 or 2.0R (has no reverse). A five speed with 3.08's or some 3.27's will be some nice spool seems to load the turbo a little better than 3.55's+. You should look into it. If you go this route you will save a ton of money instead of having to swap everything for the T56 although I like the idea of a .83 gear coupled with 3.55's that is some serious mph though. Anyway goodluck on the build.
  7. in the new issue of FF&MM , the AFR 205's are not the best choice of heads in that class of heads, TFS takes the spot withe the twisted edge R.
    although the AFR's 165, 185 are the best in their own class against the gt-40 p,y,x, and against.