Turbo Cams For 3v?

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  1. I have decided I am going to buy a turbo kit for my 06 mustang GT auto but I cannot find turbocharged cams anywhere and I heard the hot rod cams and a turbo are a disaster. Anyone know where I could find some turbo cams?
  2. You really don't NEED turbo specific cams especially if you don't have a built engine, because you won't be able to get the full potential out of them.

    But, several companies make them. Comp has them, as well as Lunati, and Cushman Motorsports.
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  3. Really?! Which one do you think sounds better frpp hot rod cams or comp cams mutha thumper! I plan to get a brenspeed built short block 5.3l for around 6k
  4. Whoa! Brenspeed is still in business? I refused to buy anything from those jackwagons years ago because their rep on another forum was such an ass.
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  5. Hahaha yup they are still in business! With some really good deals that you can't beat. I have come across so many a**wipes at many different speed shops. Hopefully brenspeed will be different.
  6. Neither are really recommended for boost, and muthr thumpr's are built more for sound than power.

    Both of those are n/a cams meaning they have a lot of overlap...they make good peak power on a boosted engine but bleed off a lot of boost in mid-range RPM's. If you really have to have cams get blower or turbo cams from somebody, but you're probably just as well off with your stockers.
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  7. Dang that sucks :/ I guess I will have to go twin screw because I need cams in my life. Thanks for the help!
  8. Well, it's the same issue with any form of boost. You won't get full benefit of the cams without a built engine, but I understand wanting the sound. One of the mustang mags did a dyno test on a car with a blower and built engine, and hot rods, and then dedicated blower cams- it made the most peak power with the hot rods but the overall curve (and driveability) was better with the blower cams.