Turbo For Daily Street???

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  1. ^^^ I heard nothing but crap about them too... I have a few friends and me running them...they all seem fine they did revise the headers and i dont hear that many problems with them anymore...For what its worth car make sick power runs great and i have no problems with it..not saying i wont or other wont but from were im at with the kit it works great for me...Now im looking a at twin turbo kit for me 300 srt8 that kit will be hellion !!!!
  2. Thanks for the great info guys. I'm really going to toss around all these ideas and see what would be best for my application. It has to be a DD, I love driving it everyday :nice:

    Oh and thnx for the dyno compliment, I got that race ported Cobra upper/lower from a guy who runs street outlaw and goes by the name superman. We were standing in his garage and I offered him $250 and he took it :eek:

    Scott Milner from Coupe Performance did all the work on it. He's extremely good at porting, he loves it. I bought the Gt40p's from Scott also, they were already race ported/milled and bought them for $600. I already had the E-cam installed. Didn't have any more money so this little combo worked out awesome for my DD needs :flag:
  3. I bought a used kit off Craigslist for 160$ for the hot and cold piping with an intercooler. Did not install anything yet, but everything is made from mild steel, which is a good thing. Stainless stuff can be sketchy.
  4. now thats a steal!
  5. I figured if it does not fit 100% it will be easy to modify being that it is mild steel rather than stainless. As soon as I get some free time, hopefully over the winter I can start working on it.
  6. ran a similar setup for 5 years. i had a 60mm turbo so i ditched the upper and went with a downs box. i would gear it just like anything else. a 302 with gt40p heads and a port matched cobra lower will make 450rwhp easily. intercooler will be a must. i had a single. its easier to work around, fewer parts to have problems with. make sure to vent the crankcase and run one way valves in your vacuum lines. and know that the stock maf/pcm setup isnt the most user friendly thing in the world with a turbo, even with a chip. a different speed density engine management setup with a wideband would be the best option and well worth the $.
  7. bah, get a Moates Quartehorse and you can tune any parameter on the pcm all for about $300
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  8. the biggest issue is the maf reference voltage, and you cant change that. most turbos pull enough cfm early and peg it unless you play games with the signal. you can make it work at his target hp level, but an aftermarket SD setup will work better. and if he decides to start making more power later the maf based setup will become anywhere from 'more of an issue' to 'huge pain in the ass.'
  9. hpx slot maf :done

  10. I strongly disagree. Buy it through Chris at PAS. Better pricing than buying direct, several years installing and making these kits work, tuning ability, and FAR better customer service!! They also can hook you up with any other supporting mods you will need, such as Siemens injectors, blow thru maf's, fuel pump, and upgraded wastegates, turbos' blow of valves, etc.

    I am in no way affiliated with them, but have bought my kithrough them over on the Corral.
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  11. i wonder what Wolfe and Feustel will say when I tell him I heard a 'slot maf' is the key to good running a turbo car. :)
  12. Chuckle...??

    While I've had decent luck with a Slot style meter of at all possible an aftermarket SD system would be much easier to tune.

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  13. if you are staying with a mass air setup, then yes a slot maf would be best. Not saying at all its better than an aftermaket sd setup
  14. Ah yes, I've bought some stuff from them in the past - slipped my mind. They've always given me smoookin deals on widebands.
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