TURBO GUYS! which turbo for my 351W?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SMOKEDYA, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. i'd get a t6 foot if it were me . . .
  2. whats the diffrence? peace

  3. with what u have i say the last 1 because it is a t4 turbo flange and u are a 5 speed car and i would do a .90 ar. the t 6 is big and hard to get out of the car
  4. What kinda power are you trying to make, the trans is going to go out the window if you push the 351 to its full potential.
  5. i'm looking to put out 6ish maybe 7 at the wheels. whats the diffrence in flanges???????????? peace

  6. 1 more question. why is the last one so much more? peace

  7. First and foremost, you're on the wrong forum. The Turbo Forums.com

    Second of all, you really have to do your research on this. You can't just slap a random turbo on your motor and expect it to perform the way you want it to. You need to consider the purpose of the car, how the motor is built, power goals, sizing of the turbo, boost numbers you hope to run, tuning, etc. "Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell is a great book for the beginner as an introduction to forced induction systems. If you don't know the difference between a T4 and a T6 flange then you need to rewind a little and do a bit more reading. Please don't take that the wrong way. It's not my intention to be an ***hole. I'm still learning myself. Just trying to help, that's all.

    For what it's worth, a ton of guys run the Borg Warner turbos and make great power with them. A T76 may also be something to look into.
  8. GTP38 or in other words the stock powerstroke turbos can be had for cheap and will make great power with that engine you got
  10. yeah man check out turbomustangs.com. Your car would rip with a turbo but there is a lot of info you need to research. What are your intentions with the car? How fast you wanna go john? Strap a turbo to that thing and you will be slammin in the 9's. Don't let people scare you about you're heads.....

  11. Heads will be fine, boost doesnt really care. Put a 76 on it and have fun. T4 flange will be fine if thats the kind of power your trying to make.
  12. Thanks for the input.i have been on turbostangs.com and i dont have any luck on there. i've asked the same questions i posted on here and no such luck! so whats the sence? The reason i'm picking the borg warner is a guy on here has one on a 393 stroker and is laying out 700 something (at the wheels)and for what little info i have got from him he seems to know his stuff and it shows with a car running low 10's on pump gas with NO intercooler! i really dont have any crazy intentions with the car just to go turbo and run IDK low 11's? it's a street/strip car but not a daily driver.But like i said to begin with 600 to the wheels are what i'd like to see and really dont thionk it will be hard with my set up and a turbo. peace

  13. john, turbomustangs is where you'll find your info. Listen to me here......you know how annoying it is when newbies post up on stangnet asking "which cam is best" , "which makes more power xpipe or h?" ........that's why you're not getting responses on turbomustangs. It really depends on HOW you phrase it over there, they get so many members posting up asking "which turbo should I run" without knowing anything whatsoever about the topic.

    Don't **** with turbos unless you take the time to rear up on it man, seriously. It's more complicated, time consuming and expensive (for the most part) that other power adders. There is no "perfect" turbo for your car, you need to figure out your intentions, flow and start reading compressor maps. There are a ton of variables.

  14. oh and btw, a 393 and a turbo engine do much different damage to a trans. The thing about turbos is the torque hits so hard that it eats transmissions. As soon as that sucker is spooled your torque is flat to redline. Tremec for you, buddy. I'm runnin a c4 and it doin ok... for now lol
  15. uhm if i IRCC turbos put less strain on a tranny than a supercharger, car begins to move before the turbo spools, only time turbos provide more stress is when they are staged at a track and the car has to be braked to build boost to launch, everywhere else though turbos are less harmful on a tranny
  16. show me what a torque curve for a turbocharger looks like and then show me the same for the supercharger (not roots), we're talking v8's here dont expect your turbo to spool at 6k haha

    oh and btw I know john and he will be racing his car

  17. V8 or not its not like the turbo spools at 1k rpms, its still gonna be near what a centri would spool at
  18. sorry man but you're incorrect.

    Like I said, compare the torque curves and you'll see the aggresiveness
  19. i am looking at dyno sheets, and power seems to come on around the same rpm level with similar torque curve, i still see a supercharged engine providing more stress on a tranny than a turbo unless its in the situation i described as before