Turbo Hp??

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  1. How much horsepower do you all think i can get out of my 03 gt with a turbo? *Completely stock* And also the car has 90k miles on it would that effect anything??
  2. I personally wouldn't go over 400rwhp on the stock motor unless you've got cash for a rebuild. The Hellion kits are the best there is. They are a little pricey but they are simply the best. Can't go wrong.
  3. O ok thanks for the info and really i didnt kno how much the stock motor would take
  4. more than 400, but will be safe at 400
  5. hey guys im new to this what should i do to my stock 03 gt
  6. Lol eric im about the same way u are but i do think i wanna go with tht hellion kit first
  7. How much and what does it do
  8. Have you thought about a ProCharger?
  9. Ya kinda butt mines an auto thou
  10. Whats wrong with auto? ( i dont know much about them, just know a lot of people use them)
  11. Really? Sell your car and get a Honda.

    You sound like an idiot and I don't have the patience to humor you
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  12. read, read, and then read some more. When you think you know it all, read it all gain. I wouldn't boost my car until I had a full understanding of what all is happening and the horrible consequences when things aren't just right.
  13. Any supercharger kit will meet the potential of the stock engine. Sounds like you need to do some reading first as it seems you are absolutely clueless
  14. have you seen my baseball :nonono:
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  15. yup, its in your bag
  16. Damn you guys are harsh. Don't people come here to learn?
  17. Thanks exactly what i thought too nightfire