Turbo Hp??

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  1. Anyone here know of a good full cat back exhust system u know or have to sell???
  2. Ok anything
  3. If you want easy cookie cutter type hp, yeah get a centrifugal supercharger. If you have testicles, you want a turbocharger.
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  4. Ya I was thinking that also butt u think it can work for an auto
  5. wtf, last two posts were about butt and testicles :eek:
  6. Yes you can turbo your car but i highly recommend you get your motor built with forged internals for reliability. Also it doesn't matter if your car is automatic or not. You will also have to upgrade your fuel system such as fuel pumps, fuel rails, and injectors thats roughly another 1200$ in parts. you will have to have a DYNO tune. DO NOT get a mail in order tune you will not see peak performance. I personally wouldn't go with turbo. I recommend you go with kenne bell or pro charger . In any case the max boost you would probably be able to run on a stock 2v would be about 10psi. By the time you get a built engine and turbo exc…… you could buy an 03-04 cobra, just a thought.
  7. Where's the fun in that? :rock:
  8. Fun is when you only have to spend about 8-9k on a cobra and have 600+ wheel hp on 93 oct…...
  9. a nice loud catback exhaust would be slp loudmouth or if you want to sound like you have a monster go with borla stingers. I have the stingers on my 04 cobra with mac long tubes and catless x pipe and it is VERY loud
  10. I was implying that there isn't much fun in just buying a car, compared to building it. Now if you would have said buy a cobra and build it up, that's another ball game :fap:
  11. yea thats what i did i bought my 04 cobra and got a steal on it paid 15k for it and it had a t-56 magnum trans, mccloud clutch and aluminum flywheel i am in the process of building it. since i bought it stock with 390hp it now has 500 rwhp and 570 ft lbs of torque with just bolt ons and a tune
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  12. Must be nice to own modular motor.
  13. it is if you ever wanna 03-04 complete cobra swap with tranny and wiring harness/computer let me know.
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  14. The day I can afford it I def will :nice:
  15. Not a 2V :(
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  16. go to this website they specialize in and sell 03-04 cobras hi-endauto.com
  17. why not?
  18. I like the lightning on there.