Turbo Hp??

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  1. they got a mystic convertible cobra
  2. I like the mystic paint but not so much on the Stangs. I had a 240 with that paint scheme loved it!
  3. 2v FTW!!!!! throw a set of rods, pistons and cams in your 2v and a good stall converter along with the turbo and some 3.73 gears and you are in business! fuel system and tires will be needed aswell
  4. Dont forget youll have to convert to a tubular k member and coilover set up with a turbo but its more than worth it
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  5. FKN a right it is!
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  6. And basically when you are done building your car with turbo, exhaust, suspension, tires, tuning, etc....you just threw $10K into a GT.

    Might be easier to just buy a Cobra and toss a $40 pulley on it and make more HP.
  7. Think im just going to run a 100 shot for right now i dont kno yet
  8. WTF happened to this Forum. It's like it's everyone's first day on Stangnet. lol
  9. What sounds better? an x pipe or h? lol it has went downhill. We need a hardcore section added for people over 1000 posts.
  10. still get plenty of the "don't [fill in the name of mod in question] just buy a [name of some other Mustang model or car], it would be cheaper" ...I guess nobody wants to work on cars for the enjoyment and challenge of it?
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  11. So.....

    4.10s or 3.73s?
  12. I go for 4.10s

  13. What?!?

    It's past my bedtime.