turbo install

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  1. Did that include the turbo?

  2. yes it did.

    Just got back in town today, so I'll be calling a tuner ASAP! my x mas bonus was more than i was even hoping, so I either do the cobra brake swap. or get the aem ems,......

  3. That's a tough one, I'd go with the brakes though. Get that done, you can get it pretty close with the stock stuff (Fuel pressure/ locked timing/ clocking the maf sensor). The brakes will be more need now...:nice:

  4. X2, my car seems to do okay with a BTM and a good MAF.
  5. Brakes it is then. And another thing,.... it seemed strange at first but now I'm rethinking it, I got a C&L 76 blow-threw with 42's and a mass air meter for 19's, still... Jeff at pony-down said cuz the C&L has a bigger metering hole it should still work.????? sounds strange but I took his word on it. But seeing as it wont start on its own and it running to rich at start-up makes me think somethings not right. Any thoughts???
  6. Your sampling tube should have a green mark on the flat end to be calibrated for 42lb injectors if it is a 76mm c+l meter with factory electronics.
  7. ok I'll check it tomorrow when I'm putting all the T-clamps on. If its right, then I guess it just needs a tune.
  8. nice kit but you shouldnt have gone with the c&l, especially for blowthrough. C&L's are too hit or miss and running that turbo that is not the kind of risk i'd want to take. Im runnin a pmas pro tube with my turbo setup and it brought my tune so close to perfect without even touching it.

    Also i hope you're aware of the various charging issues people have encountered using the pass mounted alternator........so close to the hotside. You plan on running a blanket? You gonna wrap your exhaust?? I went through months of bull**** headaches due to all the heat from my kit...

    good luck


    Btw I ran a 10.8 with the same turbo at 7psi :)
  9. That's about the cost of my 408 with carb and intake.

  10. 7 psi huh? Must have been one helluva motor.
  11. no, just a typical hci setup and a diy kit. It was on 275/60/15 sticky mickeys drag radials, c4 with reverse manual valve body and pump gas.......... total timing at something like 24 or 25....so pretty conservative. I was launching off the 2 step around 3100 and my 60' foot was **** (1.58) im gonna get that 60' down and slam a 10.5 next year
  12. Sounds like a good running turbo motor. Mine went 11.1* @ 120 with about 8-9 lbs and stock heads. Aftermarket heads and turbos rule!!

  13. X 2 i built a 350ish HP 351w for a little under 1,000, rebuild kit, GT40 heads, porting, CF clutch and all. But in matt's defense it doesn't whistle unless there's a vacuum leak :hail2:
  14. Where do you live? Northwest?

  15. :nice:
  16. Yea if thats the MP T70 your talking about I have the same turbo. To be honest Ive never really tried running much lower than 12psi and my best to date is a 10.8 as well. I guess my car must be really heavy or something.:shrug:
    I do know I have a really tight converter and that leaves a little ET on the table but the T-brake should be taking care of most of that issue.
  17. Nate, my name is Drew and im a regular on turbomustangs........screen name is
    D347643....we have talked before.

    My fords fly-

    My car weighs 2900 with a full tank of gas and steel 8 pt. When im at the track its prob closer to 2850 and im about 215 so less than 3100 pounds with me in it.........I dont think thats light at all.

    What hotside A/R you runnin on that mpt70?? Im using the .68

    BTW, I am trapping right at 125 and hoping to go higher with better 60'

  18. 3100 lbs may not be super light but it is a fair amount lighter than my race weight. Last time I weighed my car it was 3320 with a half tank or so of gas without me in it and I weigh about 225.
    At the moment Im running a .96 AR hotside. I dynoed the car when I had the 5 speed in it with a .68 (which I still have laying around somewhere) and lost anywhere between 15 and 40 rwhp from 4k rpm to 5500. I was gonna race it with that housing but I didnt see the point. My best trap now is just under 128, if I can make it not one leg launching above 3k rpms it should ET pretty well.
  19. yeah i hear ya on the housing.. This is my opinion ..

    Both hotsides are capable of splitting the stock block (which im running) I wanted the one that will spool up the quickest and carry that torque to 6k which mine does. Truly the .69 is a **** hair small for my setup but it pulls hard to 6. Yeah im losing some hp up top im sure but it seems to do ok.

    You dont have that .96 hotside anymore do you?? I might try swapping them out this summer after i beat the piss outta the .68 haha

    BTW How much power did you make with each housing?? How about the torque?