turbo install

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  1. I see what you say, and the worset thing is I have a stock MAF unit somewhere I took off my other car, but in the years I don't know where it went.
  2. ok, Went to get my tune a HP ranch today, and found out my motors really gone. Not that I didn't already think that. Theres a few things wrong we found, "like about an extra 1-2 quart of oil were in the car," AKA FUEL!!! ya there was so much fuel in the oil it HAD to be changed. It poor'd like water!!! Then it ran out of gas on the dyno,.... If it wasn't one thing it was another. But We're pretty sure there a few cilynders down, Blow-by was getting worse,........

    All is still good. He made me a pretty good tune to start out with. Even with it running like **** he got it to idle again on the first try. So I have the SCT chip and I have another good running 120,000 mile motor thats going in, at this point the 6speed will be finaly going in, and then back to HP Ranch to finish up a few things. Thankfully there was only one other person in there today, and still had enough time to watch the game. All for now:nice:

  3. The only way there could be that much extra fuel in the oil is if it "SUPER" rich and was washing down the cyl. Get the right sensor in the MAF, and take it back and pull the pin. See what she'll do before you put in the new shortblock....:nice: :hail2:

  4. I'm not sure its running that rich anymore. It would start and even idle great with the SCT tune. The motors just done, and it wouldn't even do more than 3 grand on the dyno with it floor'd. It had blow-by like crazy, and was getting worse as the day went on. A 331 4-bolt main may be coming sooner than I was hoping to spend it...
  5. :shrug: :hail2: