Forced Induction Turbo Installed, Black Plugs And Fuel Smell...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by madspeed, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, finally got my car done and ready to go. Or so I thought. Took it out for a spin yesterday and all seemed well, a little rich on the idle afr's at 13.5, and part throttle cruise at low 14.xx's. WOT afr's were right at 11.5. I noticed at the upper rpm's it started it sound like it was breaking up. Got back home and pulled some plugs and they were all black with soot and smelled of fuel. Could the bit of richness be causing this? Tune is done with a Quarterhorse by Willie at Dirty Dirty Racing. I've been dealing with him for a few months while getting everything straightned out and he's done a good job so far. I just upgraded to an hpx slot maf and this is the first tune with that maf. Think its just the maf curve needing adjusted a bit yet?

    Combo is 333 ci, h/c/i,on3 kit with 70mm turbo, 60# injectors, hpx slot maf, ngk5671-8 plugs gapped at .028, msd box etc. motor only has about 1500 mils or so on a build by a reputable shop
  2. you need some dyno time to dail it in. not a canned tune....what ignition are you running?
  3. MSD box, MSD coil, stock distrbutor, motorcraft cap and rotor, Taylor 8.2 wires, ngk 5671-8 plugs gapped at .028. I don,t feel its an ignition issue as all parts are new, but ??
  4. maybe widen the plug gap to 35. how much boost?
  5. only 8 lbs right now. why widen gap?
  6. a better spark with 8 pounds its very unlikely to blow out...what fuel? what is your totla timing and when
  7. not sure on the timing, but its 10 degrees spout out, and then handles by the tune, but im not sure how to read the datalogs and the parameters yet
  8. have you data logged your runs?
  9. yeah i have some
  10. send it to your tuner so he can change the fuel curve and ignition timing
  11. I was gonna say the opposite to close the gap to. 024 because you might be blowing it out
  12. This is your first tune with the turbo? If so I would talk to the tuner. Never had my first tune run perfect especially since its a long distance tune through data logs. My last car was tuned the same way, but not through dirty dirty.
  13. not with 8 psi i run 040 gap with my vortech running 14 psi...op needs dyno time to trim up the fuel.
  14. thanks for the input fellas, I'll talk to Willie
  15. ha, more like trim down the fuel! Bit rich at idle and part throttle cruise but good at WOT, could be plugs loading up prior to wot?
  16. are you using platium plugs?
  17. no way! NGK V power r5671a-8
  18. I prefer the -10 NGK's in anything with boost or a lot of spray. We run the -8's in all of the N/A cars. I would keep the gap at .028. I run mine at .024 and that has been fine at well over 30 lbs of boost. The target a/f for mine to idle is 13.7 so I don't think you are far off the mark with that.
    Do you run a blow through maf? Does your blow off recirculate or vent to the atmosphere? If it recirculates, before of after the maf?
  19. Just put in an hpx slot maf and the bov is vented to atmosphere. Maybe i should look into colder plugs, i believe the ngk numbering is opposite in that the higher numbers are colder
  20. Just got sn updated tune from Willie, so i'll look into new plugs and try it out