Turbo Kits For Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Viteza 98Cobra, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. January 1st I heard.....The Turbo Kit comes out for the Mustang Cobra All Models
    Modified from 450 Hp to 850 Hp.....price from about $5,000 for the Regular Kit putting your car around 450 rwhp and ranges to the $7,000-$8,000 Street racing kit putting your Cobra to about 850 hp......It even looks awsome.
    I have seen pics and heard results. What would you rather get a TURBO OR A SUPERCHARGER?
  2. Turbo. More efficient. And less wear and tear on the motor. More power per boost. I myself plan on the $5,000 kit once my 99 Cobra is paid off.
  3. I have been in a Twin Turbo Stealth and I love the way turbo's kick in...and when they do, they kick in hard. And i think that they sound better than the supercharger. People always know when a supercharged cobra is around, the turbo's are silent until you reach a few thousand RPMs, and boy you hear them whistle.
  4. There is one company in So Cal that has a kit for 7k installed for the 03 cobra that will make it a 9 second car with some 800hp. :hail2:

  5. Do you know where I can inquire about this turbo. I ahve an '01 cobra
  6. Very nice kits. :nice:
  7. Pro Turbo Kits in Houston already have kits available.
  8. Houston??? I though they were based out of San Antonio???
  9. San Antonio, your right, my mistake... :bang:
  10. www.inductionconcepts.com

    If you have the extra $$ get it!! Its developing to be the best twin turbo kit on the market. It starts at 600 RWHP for the 03 Cobra..hehe
  11. turbos

    Everyone I know with turbos (mostly Supras) at the track has problems. They have problems launching cant seem to ever consistently get the power when they want it.

    The Eaton is real quite...even with the 2.80...you dont hear it until its too late for your opponent to know what he's up against!
  12. How good will the cobra transmission hold up with 800 hp? rearend?
  13. errr. what year cobra. I hear the 03 cobra will blow the rear end up at about 500hp, but then I've heard of guys runnin 9's with stock everything except SC and be fine.
  14. Their turbo's aren't sized right or else they are running huge turbos that need RPM's to spool up and make boost, its one reaons why buick GN guys dont use manaual trannies, they loose too much boost between shifts with their huge turbos.