Turbo modified into belt driven ????

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  1. like that other guy said, the whole appeal of a turbo is you are making free horsepower, while a supercharger takes horsepower to make horsepower, why would you want to add a drag to the crank when completely unecessary?
  2. LOL, I picked up on this thread from the "similar threads" down below.
    I find it too funny.
    Do any of you know how small the shaft diameter is on a turbo?
    How about the fact that the bearing size needed to support the belt tension would grind the turbo's Bushings to dust.
    Not to mention the shaft would snap if you even tried to tighten a belt down on it.
    Then we have the problem of never being able to spin the impeller fast enough with a belt due to the fact that you would need some type of gear multiplication to get the impeller's speed up to ~65,000 rpms. No pulley would do it.
  3. Just to correct you,
    That's the biggest myth EVER.

    A turbo takes HP to run. Think about having 15 to 40 psi of back pressure to make your boost levels. Yea, that's right. BACK PRESSURE. A turbo just doesn't spin in the breeze and make boost my friend. It's a huge resistance.
    Not as much as the friction developed by the internal gears in a supercharger, but it's up there.

    Just a FYI for ya.

    The only HP adder that doesn't take HP away from the motor is Nitrous.

    thanks for listening.

    Mike SVOR
  4. Damn, that guy's in Baltimore. I should ride down and crack his skull for selling something like that.

    No wonder stangnet is slow!

    Didn't the 5.0 mods limit the sig length for you guys?
  6. not possible no matter how much money, stupiduty or time you have. The turbo is spooled by a compressor fan witch is connected to the exhaust side also. So there is no way to do it unless you made a ***** for both sides of the turbo which would make your car the biggest ***** box ever.
  7. The turbo is "Driven" by exhaust gases pushing on a TURBINE (hot side) which in-turn, turns a shaft connected to a COMPRESSOR impeller (cold side)
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  9. correction

    I think you are forgetting about a little thing called ram air. Totally free horsepower. Even reduces drag on the atomic level.
  10. Hmm... 2 1/2 year old thread? Why? :shrug:
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  12. Resurrecting a 3 year old thread for no reason- $Retarded
  13. Not to mention that Ram Air is nothing more than pipe dream on a car that's not already moving at say... 200 MPH!

  14. my magazine told me 30 hp :(
  15. yeah 30 hp at 250mph... you need moving air to do that... wish you could hook up a pump tp pump air in it right?? make air move faster??.... supercharger