Turbo O3 Cobra Wheelie Vid

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Bullit#3441, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Awesome vid. There is no way it still has the IRS is there?
  2. No IRS. ;)
  3. That supercharge sound is just undescribeable. :jaw:
  4. umm there is no supercharger...

  5. Hi, moving this over to "SVT Talk" instead... :)
  6. The car is badass !
  7. That car was in a mga not too long ago, on 15 psi it was pushing 750 rwhp and running 10.30's said they wanted to bump psi up to 25 and said should be like 950-1000 hp and run mid 8's only mods were the turbo live axle cage and slicks
  8. On the last trip to the dyno the car made 866 rwhp. It has everything you mentioned + a few more goodies. The engine is 100% bone stock (no headwork, no cam, stock bottom end).

    Here's the article you were referring to:

    Top left, 5.0 Magazine, article is "Enter the Dragon"

    The car has gone through some minor changes since that article but it's still good reading.
  9. I meant Turbo :D