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  1. Im thinking about getting the vortech v3 for 95 gt. Motor is fresh rebuild but has stock heads upper and lower intake but has a cam. So the question is does anyone have any experience with a turbo kit on a setup close to this or should I just go ahead with the supercharger. Factors would be safety towards car, power, and price of purchase and install. Would the 10:1 compression ratio be ok I don't want to have to rebuild internals just slap on a kit and go.



    ps if there is a reliable turbo kit out there any brand recommendations?
  2. It is as reliable as the tune that is on the car.

    I love turbos. You will make more power with the same amount of air. Because there is no energy being used to drive the belt. There is also no sideways stress on the crank snout or worn blower belts. you will make more average power because you will make boost and hold at 8psi instead of building 0, 2,6,8,8,8,8,8 vs. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and shift

    Intercooling is nice no have.

    quick spooling turbos are sooo much fund around town. The car will be like a toy you can stop playing with.
  3. I personally lean more towards turbos for several reasons. one with a turbo you aren't always screaming down the road so its still good for a dd, also i love the sound a bov has when you shift. turbos also make the car seem more like a sleeper. superchargers sound nice though too.
  4. so do yall know any complete kits that has everything needed? The vortech kit is running around $3k ya know, bout how much for turbo kit that is ready to bolt on and head to the tuner?
  5. I've owned a turbo and supercharger. Both make incredible power in there own right. I would do either. Whatever the funds allow would be my choice.

    Sleeper 94GT, 302, GT40X Heads, Edelbrock RPM Intake, Crower Cam, Vortech V-2, 12psi, 455HP.



    1986 Buick Grand National Regal 3.8L TE44, 21psi, 505HP



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  6. S/C kits usually cost less?
  7. By the time it's all done they usually cost less. There are just so many more people running superchargers, the support market is better for them.