TURBO PART OUT ( turbo wg 2v heads nitrous )

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  1. Hey guys I recently had the opportunity to purchase a terminator and I had to pull the trigger. As for my turbo gt it is being parted out. Please read everything before you PM me. All prices are best offer no low balling though. Everything came off a late 2002 Mustang Gt.
    ****** Pics have svtracer on them because these items are up for sale on svtperformance.com as well******

    On3performance turbo kit.
    *INFO* I have everything minus intercooler turbo and wastegate and a few vband clamps.
    It does have the MAF calibrated for 60lb injectors already welded and ready to go. I really would like for someone to come pick it up locally so I don't have to ship or I can meet up with you half way.

    Im looking to get $1800 obo

    Gt40/76 Turbo - SOLD!
    Progate 48mm Wastegate - SOLD!

    2v mustang PI heads - Had a local CNC shop do their stage 3 port and polish job on it. I must say it is an amazing job. Gasket matched intake and exhaust ports. Also had the bump on the intake valve shaved down. Compared them to a set of patriot heads and the work done to these is better IMO. It has manley stock sized intake and exhaust valves Swirl polished. Also has titanimum retainers and manley valve springs. Brand new rockers and lifters (factory) will also be included. NO cams. I have the stock cams but with these heads you want to do a blower cam for sure.

    Im looking to get $1300 obo. I have more than that in parts and the port job.


    Nitrous Kit - Doesnt have the lines. Just has the solenoids relay and the plate system. I had a primer'd silver nitrous bottle that I will include in the sale.

    Im looking to get $80 minus bottle or $100 w/ bottle


    I have pictures on my phone and I will be uploading them throughout the day. If you want to talk to me quickly give me a call 703-386-5009. If i don't answer please text or leave a VM. I am looking to move this stuff quickly.

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  3. PRICE REDUCED! on3performance turbo kit - $1500
  4. Price drop turbo kit $1000
    Price drop heads $800
  5. Heads sold!
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