Turbo Setup, How Should I Tune?

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  1. I currently have a 94 GT vert that has been converted from an AODE to a T5 out of a foxbody [yes, I did also swap the computer] and I plan on adding a turbo soon.

    What I will be adding:
    255lph fuel pump
    42# injectors
    Boost Brothers turbo kit at 6-8psi.

    Engine is the stock 302 with an edelbrock performer upper/lower, underdrive pullies, stock heads, stock cam. Engine has about 175k on it, has had about 15-20 bottles of nitrous [dry] through it, and has had no issues. It is currently running at 8* timing and with a stage colder [autolite 24] plugs.

    I want to use a tweecer because I like the interface and the price of picking one up used. I have never tuned a car, but have no problems with computer [I design websites, code, etc... for a living]. I will also need to disable my smog/egr because the headers do not have a port to hook the pipe up to. [also, that pipe has given me issues in the past and I want to get rid of it!!!]

    Any suggested reading? Is this the best way to get started? Any other suggestions?

  2. Get a Moates Quarterhorse/Binary Editor and pick up "The Ultimate Ford EFI Tuning Guide for Moates/Binary Editor," which can be found here: http://www.lasotaracing.com/ It does a great job of walking you through the tuning process and if you get stuck or need help, Don will help you out. Good luck.
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