Turbo Stock GT Engine?

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  1. Hi guys, I figured a Mustang forum would be my best bet at someone answering this question for me correctly so here goes; I have this buddy who's a head mechanic at a BMW place. He want's to turbo my car for me and I'm trying to get as few parts as possible to turbo my car without spending like 5 grand or more. He tells me that the minimum parts that I can put in without damaging the engine are: the turbo(obviously) which is a Turbonetics 61mm turbo, the intercooler and piping kit, the wastegate, 42lb injectors, a new fuel pump and a tubular K member. I'm a little hesitant to believe that that's all I need but he tells me "I know my s***" and I really can't say he doesn't since he IS a head mechanic. Also, he says he'll set it to run on 8lbs of boost and I've done my own research and have found that a stock GT engine should be able handle that. But I would still like to hear what you guys have to say as well. If you guys haven't read my profile, I own an automatic 96 Mustang GT. Oh another question, if those are the parts that I can install and run 8lbs, what kind of hp are we looking at to the rear wheel? Thanks guys! If you guys have any questions for me about my car, go ahead and ask them in your response.
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  3. I work at www.bieberfever.com, a well known mustang performance. Last week we put a Hellion turbo kit on a 00' Gt bone stock and tuned it and it made 430 rwhp and 470 ft lbs tq. The 4.6 motors love boost and take it well. So, as far as your question goes, you will be fine just getting a turbo kit. Or, if you want give my shop a call and ask for Chris and tell him what you are wanting to do.

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