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  1. I was reading up a little on the wiring changes for a 87lx to 87-88tc(la3) install, i pretty much understand the vam deal (or alteast im comufzuled enough to think i understand ;) ) on 140cilx site he said the 87-90lx's already have a ACT sensor, so when i do the swap should u just use my n/a'd intake with the sensors in it (i currently have a 86tc motor, no act sensor) or is there a differnce in pinning or senor types...just a little mixed up on that aspect of the swap. Also with the preimum wiring jumping, if you are using a gillisboost controller do u need to even mess with that wiring? (i.e. does it affect more than computer controlled boost settings, like timing or fuel curves?)

    thanks alot guys, ill try better to understand all these sensors and wire stuff :p

    keep it real
  2. Use the n/a intake and the wiring is set for the ACT.

    The Premium switch you either wire up or jump it to be on premium all the time.
    Any manual boost valve won't affect that. The switch is for using 87 or 93
    octane gas and sets the computer accordingly.
  3. The switch is for using 87 or 93 and DOES set the BOOST accordingly
  4. yeah
    use a manual boost valve, run 93 octane and the ground the pin that controls the premium fuel switch. :nice:
  5. Wood, under the hood you only wire in the vam, it's that easy. Like said, the act is already in (if you use your existing n/a intake) and wired.

    Yes you do. The boost control and the octane switch are different. Boost control you will not wire into the computer and use the Gillis. Premium switch is to tell the computer what octane you are running.

    The Premium setting you can run a switch to turn it off/on so you can use hi or low octane. Or, you can just wire it straight, no switch, run hi octane and know your computer is giving you the most aggressive tune all the time.

    Cro did his wiring swap in about 15 minutes, pretty well shocked me. I was finishing something and getting ready to come help him when he announced it was done. Real easy.
  6. Well... Wire it in, just don't hook it up to anything. You'll get a code otherwise.
  7. Code schmode. It doesn't hurt anything.
  8. Thats what i was wondering, i think* (not sure) that the octane switch had something to do with the computer controlled boost.
    Example being

    high octane on, Raise boost levels
    low octane on, lower boost levels

    what i didnt know was if that switch affected other things like fuel curves, more agressive timing etc. Thanks for clarifiying that guys :p