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  1. Hey i was thinkin alot about the turbo swap... and i think i will be doin it for christmas. How much did it cost youns to do this turbo swap just give me a estimate or something. thank you
  2. Mine cost me about $400. The motor was about $320, then I spent $80 on tools :D My car was down for about a month of off and on work. I should have taken longer though. It was my only car and I needed it to be done. After I had it all in and hooked up I found out it needed a rebuild (the tranny did too :notnice: ) So my advice is that you should take your time and do it right.
  3. Thats it dam where u get it from
  4. My motor was only 75 bucks complete from head to pan, and everything bolted to it. Computer and wiring harness, And turbo =) Got my explorer rearend 8.8 Trac-Lok 31 Spline with disc brakes for 50 bones.... Found a local T5 for 90, 125 with warranty.....Got a new ram clutch for 75, and having my driveshaft shortened for free.... I got a discount on all the rebuild parts, got a FULLY rebuilt motocraft distributor with all motocraft parts for 90 bucks... I'm doing damn good on this swap money wise....
  5. thats sweet im gonna start callin places now my one friend could prob get it for me cheap i dunno yet tho

  6. What year of car you are going to swap it in?

    The twin plug 2.3L may cost a little more than your average single plug swap.
  7. Yeah, that's definately a LOT cheaper than I've seen before...
  8. I think you are about 1/4 the way to having enough knowledge about it to do the swap...to each his own though. Seems kinda odd you are gonna do it for Christmas and you don't have a motor, haven't located it, and don't even have an idea what it's gonna cost. I'm not even gonna ask if you know what it takes.

  9. my best friend foound me a 5.0 engine for 420 hes droppin it in 750 iwth the 5 speed tranny that will be what im gettin and my friend owns his own shop so well do it their
  10. how do u know what i know and if i have located n e thing lol ?
  11. I've been holding my tounge heavily. Can you speak any sort of proper grammer. I'm no English professor, but I make sense at least. And just out of curiosity, how old are you ?? Again not to sound insulting ((I'M NOT TRYING TO BE)) Most of what I learned I learned by spending time on here and other forums. Been here for two years now, and learned alot. Been on turboford for a while and just read what everyone posts, and learned alot there too. Maybe before you decide on the drop of a hat that you are going to do something, why dont you spend some time and learn about it. Look at what others have done, ask questions, I've bothered Stinger enough times about it. But my motor is finally built. Being on other truck forums, I researched my swap thoroughly(sp) and am very comfortable with the wiring etc. (Current setup is EEC-V) Different wiring than the EEV-IV like you all have. Also by researching I learned what it took to install my new rearend and transmission. I feel like I know some of the people on here a little bit even though I've never met any of you. (I am weirder than Crovax in person so watch out) But I can't wait to see these pics of your car. Talk to yall later.
  12. my best friend knows more about cars then any one i know and runs a company with me im 18 its called nitrous.rush he has a 10 sec eclipse on the way on the 18th ill post pictures then hell be in all of the magazines soon he already has everyone on their feet and their waitin for his car to be done... my other friend owns his own shop... does the work on my car...and also finds engines..hes the one who is puttin the engine in im putting my kit on and sandin it and all that my friend bill who is my partner in nitrous.rush.."owns the gsx.." uncle is the best painter in my state who is "paintin my car for a 100 bucs" so basically i have everything i need and i will buy a camera today and take pics for everyone piece...
  13. I don;t think that you need to know tooo much to do the swap...but a basic understanding and plenty of time to is always a good thing. My advice is to not set a due date, because you will miss, or half ass stuff to hit it. Just what I think, but I have been flamed on here quite a few times... I say if you want to do it go for it.....it is not nearly as hard as these guys say....but it is a bit different on a dual plug....

  14. It's still a pain in the @$$ if you don't have the proper tools, are working in an old barn with only 6" of clearance on one side of the car, no heat, no help, and only a couple hours a day to work on it! But on the upside, it does make for a good story :)
  15. My setup is on the expensive side, because I had to go through two engines. That, and i've invested in some good parts too. Hopefully i'll get my money's worth.

    Here is a basic idea of what I got. I would recommend many of these parts, and find them for cheaper too:

    First 2.3 Motor: $450
    Second 2.3 Motor (good head, new pistons and rods, vatted, bored .020 over, painted): $375
    Big VAM: $36
    Volvo Intercooler: $82 (probably could've gotten it for cheaper)
    LA2 computer: $55
    35lb/hr injectors: $50
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump and Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator: $219
    All new gaskets (minus the felpro 1035, which I can't find!!!!!!) $50

    There are some other item in there like towing, emblems, etc. but you probably won't have to worry about that. The total i've spent so far is $1600. Yeah, that's alot, but that's because of my mistakes, nievety, and laziness to find cheaper prices. I still need a blow off valve, boost controller, clutch, exhaust, new intake manifold, and ducting. Looks like i'm another $700-$800 away from getting this done.
  16. I dont think it needs to be said, but ill say it anyways :D It all depends on what you find, what you want, and how much time and effort you want to put into it.
  17. Ok, my swap costed me a little more but I got a warranty on the engine for 1 year which I was happy about. Picked up the engine from junkyarddog. I think that's the name of the place. It was about $500, complete pan to tb.

    My T5 was $35 from the j/y cause the a4ld was costing me a lot of power.
    LA3 came with the engine, along with a wiring harness I didn't need.

    Looking back on it, it wasn't that bad, I did it by myself. Just a lot of wrenching.

    My only major prob was a blown head gasket and warped head that had to be replaced cause a lower rad hose blew up on me.

    These turbo engines are solid.

  18. I put in about 1,200 for my swap, whole year of planning and gathering parts, about a month work of swap time(due to low funds and have NO transportation) about another month and a half of working out bugs. and expect with any turbo ford for it to break down afterwards.
  19. Youns?
    I'm still trying to figure out if I qualify to answer.