Turbo V-6

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  1. You're right it isn't a falcon. They are very nice cars. But I tend to think that it's a little bit more expensive than I want to pay for a car
  2. That 4.0 I6 is making that 320hp at a measly 6psi of boost i've heard. This was done so it wouldn't produce more power than the more expensive Xr-8 5.4 v8 model. I've heard it is capable of 400 easily.

    Anyone heard of the new FPV Turbo I6? 380hp, and the tq to match. All from a turbo I6. Not bad at all.

    Still, gimme my v8 when it comes to mustangs. Traditional Mustang performance=v8, nothing else. I would however like to see that turbo I6 in the upcoming Futura....maybe SVT futura??? mmmm.
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  5. I'm sure that if Ford would S/C a V6 they'd only put 5-6 lbs. in it. They scream pretty good with 11 #, and it's comparable to V8's.......but the sound doesn't compare at all to a good throaty rumble of a V8
  6. Yeh it's pretty good, but I was joking about the Cobra not being a Falcon, in a sports sense anyway. I agree, it is more than I'd want to pay too, but it is good quality, it is worth it, even if not in the $/hp/lb department.
  7. I'm sure they are good quality vehicles. And although I've always been a mustang fan. If it was available here I might even consider buying one.
  8. Why not a V12 with 4 turbos?
  9. Sorry to continue this OT discussion, but I just have to say, while the turbo 6 falcon works out to 33 grand US, the stang cobras that we can buy here (converted to rhd by ford, upgraded lights, etc) is bloody 90 grand! Which means if Ford US imported Falcons, converted to lhd, it would probably be a 50-60 grand (US) car, or more.
  10. How much are Holden Monaros in your country... they are 35k here... that would be the best example of what it would cost to import the Falcon..
  11. not to mention the fact that that 4.0 I-6 turbo motor probably isnt US Emissions certified.
  12. I hear ya. I'm not entirely sure that it can't be done cheaper though.
  13. A forced-induction V6 thread... no offense to the person that didn't bother to think before asking that question, but how was this even allowed to take up space in this forum?


  14. Yeh that's probably correct, although you'd be surprised, the 290kW BOSS motors in the 1950kg cars get 11 - 14 k/L (25.9 - 33 mpg) and the 6 and turbo 6 do better (only slightly for turbo 6).
  15. Hey, I got tired of reading about a sub $20K GT and IRS. That seems to be the only discussion around here. So, I figured why not throw some more silly topics in here. :cheers:
  16. Alright, good point, haha. I was a little irritable when I wrote that, I owe you a beer. :cheers:

  17. turbo v6..yea ok....where did you newbs come from? the honda forums?....the v6 is for low income buyers...dont you think a turbo will bring price up?...whats the sense in a v6 turbo..when there v8 is there flagship?....DOH
  18. 60 degree V6 engines are a good design with much greater strength than a V8 engine. Each piston has its own crank throw, with more iron between cylinders and seven main bearings. The crank throws are offset by 120 degrees in groups of three, which means the engine is internally balanced. No wonder these motors are used for high specific outputs at high speeds, like the 3 liter 320 horsepower twin turbo that was previously built by Mitsubishi.

    Still, while the V8 design is no better than a weak four-cylinder with double pistons, you can't argue with the sound and displacement and smoothness of power production.
  19. Hey, I've forgotten, so please enlighten me, how is it that straight 6s are better than V? Are they better balanced? I seem to remember it is something like that.