Turbo V-6

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  1. Agreed. I'm not suggesting Inline-6's are bad designs. Actually, they are very, very good engine designs. However, automotive manufacturers don't sell engines, they sell vehicles. When you are designing a vehicle, you invariably have to make compromises.

    For the heavy truck manufacturers, they have generally settled on I-6's because that configuration works well for them. On the other hand, most recreational boat builders don't like inline 6's. Ski boat builders definitley don't want I-6's. There were even a few I-6 motorcycles out there at one time, but that really didn't go anywhere. For street cars and light trucks, there are I-6's out there, gut they are definitly not as common as they once were, not because they are bad engines, but because the disadvantages of this configuration are becoming more of an issue for the way automotive designs are forced to evolve.

    Then you have the unique situation of a car that is very much defined by it's engine. Mazda rotary, M3 I-6, viper v10, mustang/vette V8. I don't think a high revving, high specific output I-6 or turbo v6 (for thread relavence) would be such a bad thing. It just doesn't really fit with the image of the car.
  2. this has been debated over and over again. the v6 mustang is the Ford bread and butter mustang. they sell more v6's than any other. EOS
  3. Whichever way you go..... a built V6 can be comparable to a mildly build V8. Though the sound will NEVER be the same.
  4. In my mind this is the what keeps Ford from building a turbo v-6 MUSTANG. When I think of Mustangs I think of torquey (sp) v8's that sound awesome and perform well in the straight line.

    Could Ford build a world class turbo v6, probably, but it wouldnt sell in the form of a mustang. I would be more than happy if they built a AWD turbo I4 put it in a Focus and called it a day. For whatever reason car manufactiores as a whole are getting away from turbo v6's though. For me at this point though if ford/mazda finds a way to turbo the rx8 and keep the handling the same then I would buy that for 30k vs a v6 mustang that would have less performance at the 25-27k mark. (I will still keep my cobra to kill people in a straight line though)
  5. In general tubo engines have been maintenance and warranty nightmares for the manufacturers.
  6. There is no need for a turbo V6. In a few years the Mustang will have the 250HP Duretec 35 and with the 300HP 4.6L V8, there is no room in the line up for a FI V6.

    Turbo 6 would be a good engine for a new Couger, not the Mustang.
  7. There's just something about the rumble of a V8 that makes me think "American" more than anything else. Since the Mustang is one of the most distinctly American cars out there, it's just a perfect fit. Of course, if it could get some sick numbers like a Grand National, I'm sure plenty of people might be converted.

  8. because that would be blasphemy. :flag:
  9. First off i want to buy the new 05 mustang or maybe hold out for 06 Cobra (or whatever), but as far as the V6 turbo thing, all you would need is a 4cyl turbo. There are people with documented results making 400+RWHP and 400+ft-lbs of Torque, with the 84-86.5 Mustang SVO and 83-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. I have an 88 Turbo Coupe and plan on making close to that kind of power out of my 2.3L 4cyl turbo once i get to it. In the mid 80's ford made a 2.3L DOHC turbo engine that made more HP than there 5.0, maybe thats why they didn't make it. Hell, alot of people think my car is a 5.0 with the exhaust i have on it (and its not obnoxious sounding) but true car people would know the difference between it and a V8 rumble. I'm glad to see the new 300HP NA 4.6L engine, however knowing that the corvette ZO6 is looking to produce 500HP, and the normal vette making 400HP, why not make a larger displacement engine in the cobra or shelby mustang. Doesn't Ford know they should make a mustang that can spank a vette and cost less money, we all know they can do it so why not do it. The vette is using a 350 cu in engine correct, why not make a 351 as a V8, since a V8 has the sound everyone wants rather then a V10. That way you get the most power acheivable normally aspirated, by using more displacement (like the vette) and then when people like me and probably most of the people on here want to mod it we can add a supercharger aftermarket and smoke just about anything on the road. Or why not a turbo V8, rumble and plenty of power. As far as the reliability issues with a turbo, i dont see them. I think poorly designed dodge turbo engines in the 80's gave them a bad wrap. Plenty of people have over 200,000 miles on the ford 4cyl and turbo without rebuilds or replacements, damn how much more do you want, and why would big rigs use them if they were so unreliable. At the end of the day yeah make a bad ass V8, i want both a Turbo Coupe (its cool to have something fast and different with tons of options like auto headlight hi/low beam diming and flip of a switch adjustable suspension) and a Mustang with a V8, cause i just want one, but i want to be able to spank a vette, CAN FORD PLEASE MAKE IT FASTER THAN A ZO6 VETTE, i have too many friends that like chevys, help me shut them up, although even they like the 05 mustang styling better than the new vette.
  10. Buy an 03 cobra. They can be made faster than a stock z06.

  11. And I am sure you want your turbo 4 cylinder vette killer for under $20k
  12. Hey I don't know about under $20K, but people are willing to pay $30K for a WRX STI or Evo, why not a stang?
  13. ok here we go....first off don't get me wrong,i own two mustangs and getting ready to buy another project coupe for my 351,the other two are an 84 w/302 and a 2000 v6 stang....ford should bring back the turbo charged 4cyl to go against the import crowd...if i could get a turbo'd 4 with plain jane amenities i would...nothing fancy,manual steering,manual windows etc...then just whoop the britches clean off them imports....that should shut up the ricers pretty quick.....if ford played their cards right they could hands down be the reigning champ in performance...a turbo'd 4cyl to beat the imports, a 4.6l gt to rule the mid market and a s/c 5.4l to whoop the vettes and vipers...the mustang would be king and their aint nothin the other companies could do about it but scratch their heads on the way back to the drawing board
  14. Make it a turbo focus if you want to compete with imports. Otherwise why bring the mustang down to their level. I already trash the imports with my V8. Hell even the V6 in our group can beat on plenty of the imports.
  15. You know, instead of putting a 200HP v-6 in the Focus, why doesn't Ford drop in a turbo 4 that would compete with the WRX or Evo.
  16. well a v8 should be able to beat a 4cyl.....don't forget i own em too...but it would end the rivalry...4cyl vs 4cyl...i'd buy one.....turbo'd 4,5speed,manual everything,no body effects,and a 3:55 gear....
  17. If that's the way that you wanna go about it.....then fine. Both of my cars were complete and total DOGS from the factory. They both were rated at around 150 hp from the factory. A simple new roller motor conversion in my cobra......and whalah.......250-300 hp. With my V6, a little forced induction and I can smoke a majority of the mildly built GT's and 94-02 Cobras.

    Granted....it is nice to start with something with a higher HP number.....but if you're gonna go that route, why not just go ahead and put in your order for a new Ford GT and call it quits. I get just as much respect at the track for running 13's in a V6 as some guys with V8's
  19. I think you missed my point. I'm not saying you can't make a v6 fast. But why should ford do it? They already have a V8. And as has been proven in the past. The even when the turbo 4 had as much power as the V8 it didn't sell. So again why bother making a V6 compete with the V8. There is a significant price differnece between a Ford GT and a mustang gt. Considerably more than the difference between a v6 turbo and a V8.