Turbo vs. Super

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  1. Which is better in your opinion?...Supercharger or Turbocharger?
  2. Turbochargers are "better". Superchargers are more practical.

    Depending what type of turbo setup you want to run, you could be looking at a several thousand dollars to do it right. Superchargers are atleast 1/3 cheaper than a basic turbo setup (non-jy setup).

    Like everyone says to posts like these: Superchargers retard a small amount of power from the engine in order to spin. Turbochargers use exhaust to spin so you're not retarding any power.

    Superchargers take longer to spool, but you can get smaller pullies for them i think. Turbochargers can spool whenever you want them to, just research the right size turbine(s) and compressor(s), boost controllers/timers, etc.

    Turbos are a very costly project. Junkyard setups are still more expensive than superchargers (factoring in engine upgrades as well, you don't want a stock bottom end with a turbocharger that's making high psi ;))

    So, if you have a ton of time, a nice sized wallet, and have another car to drive for awhile, go the turbocharger route.

    If you're mustang is a daily driver and you just want to showcase alittle speed every now and then, just get a supercharger.

    It'd be nice to see another turbo/twin turbo v6 on this board though.

  3. tubos give more power, but have turbo lag and cost more, but superchargers are cheaper and an 11 psi would give yah like an extra 120 hp on a stock setup which is more then you'll need to take out most other cars on the highway, exotic and otherwise... and just to add some clarity by "on the highway" i mean street legal, i am in no way sugesting you partake in the illegal practice of street racing...
  4. is there such a thing as legall street racing?
  5. With a properly matched setup, turbo lag is all but a thing of the past.

    Do a search on the subject...The "Turbo vs. Blower" thing has been covered ALOT here lately.
  6. Not technically.

    And for my .02, I agree with AP1995V6 here. At turbo has the potential for more power, superchargers are a bit easier to deal with. It's a lot easier to find stuff for supercharging our cars vs. turbocharging because it seems there's a lot more aftermarket geared towards it. It really comes down to what you want. If you're looking for huge amounts of hp, you go with a turbo. If you want less than 400 it's easier to go with a supercharger.
  7. there was a nice happy debate bout this while ago, do a search
  8. AP1995V6 hit it pretty well. From a pure engineering and physics standpoint, turbo is much better.

    Factor in ease of application, part & labor availability, safety, and most importantly, COST, and superchargers are a way better option for our cars.

    I would not attempt a turbo on a V6 stang unless you *really* know what you're doing.
  9. yeah i think i would go with a supercharger...
  10. go check out v6power.net for info, justin spent 5500 on his car and got it into the 11s. Now if im not mistaken supercharged cars w/ superchargers, w/ H/C/I are still not making it that far? Justins gonna be releasing a kit soon, itl be pretty in expensive because if im not mistaken and ANYONE can correct me on any of this, its gonna come w/o turbos so you can stop by a j/y and get two from there or order your own from a company. So turbos are the way to go, personally i give it 6 months before someone puts out a reliable turbo kit(pro turbo kits have had a lot of problems)
  11. Justin's kit looks like crap imo. He should have mounted them under the engine close to the radiator for a cleaner look, or hassled a bit and get them to fit even closer to the exhaust manifold. Maybe I'm just too picky. I'm not messing with j/y equipment myself, all brand new stuff.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but a supercharged car w/o a supercharger isn't really a supercharged car. :D
  13. last time i checked who gave a damn what it looked like, i guarontee id rather say hey i put 5500 in my car and its runnin 11s than hey i put 10000 in my car its running 13s but hey my turbos look clean dont they...if you think about it that sounds kinda ricey dont it?
  14. yeah yeah i was redundant 00v6
  15. :owned: :lol:
  16. just make it all chrome, then people think its pretty
  17. what about Nozzzzzzzzzz, switch on 100+ shot of nitrous for 600. dude cant beat that price and results.
  18. regardless of what nitrous can do for a car annd its power the words nos naws and noz should just be banned from these boreds.
  19. I did have a response here for Scho54, but I'm not lowering myself down to his level. If he doesn't understand what presentation means on any car, good luck to him.

    If you spend $10,000 on a new turbo set up, you'll be running more than 13s btw.
  20. first off i said put 10000 dollars into my car, didnt say into a turbo set up. My level? i dont want a show car, i want a fast car. Which is why this thread started, it wasnt hey what looks better turbos or superchargers. It started out what is better turbos or superchargers. and good luck to me for what? because my turbos arent gonna look as good as yours? do you see what your making a deal of here man?!? If your gonna talk about levels ima just stick you down to the "ricer" level and not deal with your whiney 'my turbos look better than yours' ass no more.